Wolf at the Window

Wolf at the Window

A Story by Callisto

So a friend asked me to write a 'cute' story for valentines day, complete with happy ending. As in I'm not allowed to kill anyone off. =P So here it is, bawrawr o7


Snow is the last thing on the minds of the winter inhabitants of Florida. It just doesn’t happen, perhaps the meteorologists took a bribe or the world was suffering some kind of mass hypnosis, regardless, the white stuff was hitting the ground. Most made it out of their homes; they would never see snow again without having to pay for a trip up north. But as time went on, the sun inevitably set on this unique day and night fell over the powdery white blanket.

            Maddy lay in her bed, snuggled in amongst her fuzzy blankets and laptop to keep her warm. She had her fill earlier as her snow wet clothes hung in the shower to dry. IT was shortly after midnight and her eyes were heavy with fatigue and she was bidder her friends goodnight. Lid closed she fell back into the darkness of her room. The sounds of night exhaled, elderly groans of the house, soft breaths of wind waving botanical shadows out her window.

Yet on this night a new sound made itself known, a loud glassy thonk pulled her up in bed. A bird committing suicide against her window came to mind as her feet crossed the cold floor. The earth was still outside, an undisturbed blanket of snow laid perfectly between the trees. The uniformity was disturbed below her sill, two parallel grooves leading down the small hill of snow to a depression, defiantly not a bird. After all, birds don’t’ leave paw prints trailing around the side of the house.

Outside, she left her own marks, size ten sneaker prints as she investigated. They were easy to find, the heavy wolf prints on the porch as if they were waiting for her to find them. She went around the house twice before realizing the prints were going in circles. Cold hadn’t wasted a moment, setting in straight away to peel the layers of warmth off her thin night clothes.

Turning to go inside she suddenly heard the shuffling crunch of snow around the next corner. Even more she swore her tired eyes were seeing the fait vapor trails of breath waving. Slowly she crept on her toes trying to crunch as little snow as possible. Then RRRARGH! She leapt around the corner with a yell.

The canid fell backwards, his white coat blending in with all the snow dust thrown up by his panicked scrambling from her outcry. As if embarrassed, he quickly rolled back onto his paws and sneezed, a thin layer of powder falling off his coat as his forepaw played softly in front of him. She smirked taking a step towards him, not entirely sure of what happened but the situation was humorous enough. Snapping out of his lost demeanor, he took a quick bound backwards from her before leaning down dragging his forepaws in the snow, butt tie waving in the air behind him.


“Noooo. Its to cold to play, now go home you silly wolf!”


His head tilted as canines seem to do, perhaps his noggin was running slow tonight with ice crystals growing in his brain. Something seemed to click inside him and he took off past her in a frolic. She was sad to see him go but something told her that she’d seem him again tomorrow.

She began the trek back inside, wondering what her roommates would say about the heating bill would if they found out she left the door open. Happily enough though she was glad to be inside again, that lucky wolf didn’t have to worry about the cold and she was sure he was curled up somewhere warm by now. Laying down she pondered the journal entry she would make tomorrow, though there was sleep to be had and she was more than ready for it.

Somehow the cold hand broken under the covers, trying to pull them tighter around her self she found a lump that didn’t belong. Curious, she lifted the sheets, surprised by the shiny that glanced back at her. The wolf looked at her for a moment before turning his muzzle away as if to say, ‘put down the sheets you’re letting all the warm air out.’ She let the covers fall down naturally as her head sank in the pillow, looks like he had won this round.


“But no cold nose pokes, or you’ll be out in the streets again. Hear me?” she said patting the lump under the covers.


            He seemed to respond, an offended huff of warm air bouncing off her knee before he grew still. Hands of sleep reached through her bed taking her head gently, brushing her eyes shut and stroking her temples gently until she was coaxed into unconsciousness.

Morning rolled around, right on time as usual, not that it has a choice in the matter.  She soon broke sleep’s spell, blinking a few times as her brain warmed up to meet the new day that was knocking on her window. That’s when she noticed that her window was opened, she knew for sure that she hadn’t opened it, and there was no reason to. She felt around under the covers with no fuzzy white wolf to be found. There was a fresher set of tracks outside her window leading straight into the tree line. The snow seemed to be melting rapidly now as if it were following him, he was gone for now but she knew he’d be back.

© 2010 Callisto

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Added on February 14, 2010
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