They Say It's A Crime

They Say It's A Crime

A Poem by Carl

We're smashing up cities
With a measured rage
Through poetical lines
And words on a page
As we highlight the issues
That are affecting this nation
Through the rhythm and rhymes
Of a new generation
In the hope that our words
Inspire peasants and kings
But they it's a crime
To speak of such things

The social injustice
The anger and pain
Come walk with me
And I will explain
The girl on the stair
Can not face the day
So she picks up the needle
To take it away
And injects the liquid
Through a dirty syringe
But they say it's a crime
To speak of such things

In a one room apartment
That's just across town
Deep cracks appear
As a marriage breaks down
Angry words spoken
Full of hatred and fear
A young mother shaking
And the whole town can hear
She carries a wound
That bleeds as it stings
And they say it's a crime
To speak of such things

Down on the street
Youths stop and stare
Explosive and volatile
And ready to flare
Issues on corners
As knives are now drawn
Slashes and tears
As society's torn
Threats and aggression
As a church bell now rings
And they say it's a crime
To speak of such things
Back in the tower block
With its graffiti daubed walls
The medics can't save
A young girl as she calls
The girl on the stair
Is carried away
Another victim of
This urban decay
Where each generation
Pays for past sins
And they say it's a crime
To speak of such things

But isn't time
To speak of such things
And isn't this where
The healing begins
The tower block couple
The girl on the stair
The street fighting youths
This just reeks of despair
Our fabric's been ripped
Through out each generation
But a stitch here and there
Will not save a nation

Is it not time
To stand up and speak
Giving voice to the damaged
The oppressed and the weak
Racism and bullying
Will you tell me how long
So ingrained in our culture
That we don't think it's wrong
Let's push back the darkness
Too see the light that it brings
And is it really a crime
To speak of such things

© 2016 Carl

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You've just highlighted human tragedy. Or in another way, life in general. Don't see a lot changing, do you.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on July 31, 2016
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