Precious One

Precious One

A Chapter by monstercaylee

Melodie meets Cameron, and finds out about her "magic abilities". What will Luke think? What will Alex say? Why would Alex ditch school if he's staying home? Let's see...


It was still snowing crazily when we got to the edge of the leafy forest. The snow went up to the top lace of my shoes and I was freezing. I tried not to think about the descending temperature so Cameron wouldn’t want to lift me up again. I heard the beat of drums in the distance and saw passing people look at me like I was the answer to their prayers. They were not dressed like people who had been living in forest all their lives; they reminded me of the people that went to my school. Cameron was gripping my arm again as if I was one of his possessions and I was about to be stolen.

            The village was full of tipi looking houses. The people playing drums looked up while dropping their mallets. A tall old looking Native-American man stopped our path looking serious.

            “Don’t make our precious one uncomfortable.” He demanded.

            “Sorry Timothy. I saved her from Gerard.” Cameron explained, tightening his already tight grip. It seemed as if their idea of comfortable is uncomfortable to me.

            “I can see that.” The man Cameron addressed as Timothy commented.

            “Where shall we do her training?” Cameron questioned.

            “Take the precious one to the training ring. Trevor, Leo, Samantha, Jasmine, and Maxine are waiting for your arrival there.” Timothy commanded.

            “Yes, leader.” Cameron smiled. Cameron led me to a big circular fenced in area the edge of their village. I saw 5 beautiful people standing in a straight line directly in the middle.

            “Cameron, can we get this show on the road?” The man on the right end asked the protective Cameron.

            “Yes Leo, don’t get anxious.” Cameron answered, opening the gate and pulling me in.

            “Cameron, it’s not illegal to let me go.” I muttered. Cameron smiled and released me.

            “Yes, she’s just as I saw in my mind.” The boy on the left end commented.

            “This is the precious one?” A beautiful red-haired girl asked with attitude.

            “Maxine, don’t be judgmental. We need to train her. Gerard’s only giving us a month to get her up to her full ability or he’s declaring war.” Cameron explained.

            “Fine.” Maxine replied. She pointed to my shoes and suddenly they were on fire. Cameron stepped on my toes to rid the flame.

            “I’m sorry, she’s bitter.” Cameron replied, bitter. He looked at Leo. Leo responded by twisting Maxine’s hands behind her back. She screamed in pain, looking at Leo’s narrowed green eyes. Maxine shot flames at Leo’s face while he dodged them.

            “Ok, ok. That’s enough let’s just train her.” Cameron yelled. Leo let her go and Maxine gave me a sour look.

            “Ok so introductions.” Cameron ordered as if he were the leader. The guy with dark brown hair stepped up.

            “I’m Trevor, the psychic, I’m 13-years-old and I’ve been a psychic since I was 3 years old.” He explained. The light blonde-haired girl next to him walked up to me and hugged me. She stepped back.

            “I’m Jasmine, the teleport, I’m 15-years-old and I’ve been a teleport since I was 8.” She introduced in an excited voice. A girl with black hair and multi-colored streaks stepped toward me.

            “I’m Samantha, the shape shifter, I’m 17-years �"old and I’ve been a shape shifter since I was 14.” She said blankly. Cameron looked down at me.

            “She’s always a bit unhappy.” He whispered in my ear. I laughed. Samantha heard and exploded into a bear. She growled and turned back into a human.

            “Calm down Samantha, I was just messing around.” Cameron coaxed.

            “I’m Maxine, the flame thrower, I’m 16-years-old and I’ve been a flame thrower since I was twelve.” Maxine replied, holding her wrists.

            “I’m Leo, the super strength, I’m 16-years-old and I’ve been a super strength since I was born.” Leo gloated.

            “You were not Leo! You came here where you were like 13!” Samantha exclaimed. Leo just rolled his eyes at her. They all looked at me expecting my introduction.

            “Um, I’m Melodie, the precious one apparently. I’m thirteen.” I replied awkwardly.

            “So, show us what you can do.” Leo urged.

            “I don’t have powers.” I mumbled. They all gasped, excluding Cameron and Trevor.

            “Trevor, you said she would have four.” Samantha reminded Trevor.

            “Four?” I asked, shocked.

            “They’ll come soon. She hasn’t really explored trying them.” Trevor explained.

            “Try it Melodie.” Jasmine persuaded.

            “How?” I asked. Leo chuckled quietly.

            “Easy. Think about the future. Or point at something while thinking about fire, try to crush a rock, think about someone and tune your hearing or you could try to lift something with your mind, think about an animal strongly, or…actually that’s about it.” Cameron explained.

            “Should’ve taken notes.” I murmured.

            “Go.” Cameron directed. I tried to point at the mountain hoping for fire to shoot out with no result. Maxine chuckled a bit. I narrowed my eyes at her unhappily. I daydreamed about her flying up and crashing in to the mountain. My daydream was interrupted by screaming and loud bangs.

            “Melodie!” Maxine screamed. When my daydream ended Maxine was laying on the thick snow. The snow around her was slightly red from her own blood but not much.

            “Oh my God, I am so sorry! I was mad and oh my God, are you ok?” I asked, regretfully.

            “Mel, you did it!” Cameron exclaimed as the rest of the group ran over to Maxine’s rescue at the base of the mountain.

            “Yeah, I just almost killed Maxine too!” I exclaimed.

            “She’s just happy you didn’t. She’ll get over it, but you are a telepathic!” Cameron cheered.

            “I’m fine.” Maxine told Leo as she stood up.

            “Thanks for trying to kill me!” Maxine yelled from 80 feet away.

            “I didn’t mean to.” I replied, apologetically.

            “I was reading her mind, she was just mad you were laughing at her.” Cameron explained. I heard Trevor laugh. The snow was all over Maxine.

            “Sorry.” I exclaimed. Maxine sighed and rolled her eyes.

            “It’s ok.” She sighed. Cameron chuckled.

            “Why didn’t you warn me Trevor?” Maxine asked Trevor.

            “Simply because I wanted to see it in person, it was hilarious.” Trevor laughed. Maxine hit his arm as they arrived at the original spot.

            “Now try reading someone’s mind.” Trevor suggested. I listened carefully thinking about Leo but I heard nothing.

            “So?” Cameron asked. I shook my head.

            “It’s ok; I still can’t do what you did to Maxine.” Cameron replied.

            “You have to keep doing it Melodie.” Cameron told me, reading my mind

            “Can I please go home?” I pleaded.

            “Try looking in the future.” Leo suggested boredom in his tone. I concentrated on the future as Leo suggested. I started to daydream again. I daydreamed about getting a phone call from Alex, and then about Alex giving me a mischievous smile.

            “What’d you see?” Trevor asked.

            “It’s hard to piece together. A phone call and then her brother smiling at her.” Cameron replied.

            “What do you mean? I was just daydreaming.” I replied.

            “Do you have your cell phone?” Cameron asked. Just as he said that my cell phone started chiming in my jacket pocket. I answered it suspiciously; as soon as I did the snow started sticking to the keyboard.

            “Hey Melodie, Miss Totally grounded when I tell Luke.” Alex commented.

            “Please don’t! I was…I was kind of kidnapped by my friends.” I replied awkward.

            “Sure yeah, that’s easy to believe. You are so dead.” Alex sang happily.

            “What are you doing home anyway?” I asked.

            “Too much snow so they let us out early.” Alex explained.

            “Don’t tell Luke.” I begged.

            “Why shouldn’t I?” He asked, imitating my statement from earlier.

            “Because you love me?” I begged, remembering his following statement.

            “But you did get me busted earlier-” He started.

            “Please?” I asked.

            “No.” He said flatly.

            “Alex!” I pleaded. He hung up the phone then.

            “Great, I am so dead.” I groaned to the group.

            “Try teleporting to your house.” Jasmine suggested.

            “That’s not going to work!” I exclaimed. Cameron covered my mouth.

            “Just try.” He smiled. I rolled my eyes and thought about how desperately I needed to be in my bedroom.

            “It’s working.” Jasmine whispered. I no longer felt Cameron’s hand on my mouth or Leo’s hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw my room. I was on the floor in front of my bed. I climbed down the ladder and downstairs to where I saw my brother on the couch.

            “Back.” I smiled. He was smiling mischievously again. I opened my eyes again. I was back in the field.

            “Spacing out Melodie?” Samantha asked.

            “What happened?” I asked.

            “We asked you to teleport and tried to tell you to stop but you didn’t.” Maxine said. Trevor was laughing.

            “She was almost in the place.” Jasmine pouted.

            “How would you know?” Leo asked.

            “I don’t.” Jasmine replied, pouting still. Leo laughed.

            “I’ll walk you home.” Cameron sighed.

            “Thanks.” I mumbled, about 5 feet down the path already.

            “Hey, why would Alex be so mean?” Cameron asked.

            “I got him busted for ditching school today.” I murmured.

            “That sucks.” Cameron shrugged.

            “Yeah, I guess. So why exactly am I the precious one?” I asked.

            “Your parents gave birth to you, you died getting out of the womb but then after a week you lived again. My tribe said you’re an angel.” Cameron smiled. We walked down to my street in silence.

            “Wow, some one’s worried.” Cameron commented.

            “Stop reading my mind.” I shot back unhappily.

            “I’m not talking about you Mel. I mean Luke.” Cameron told me.

            “Oh crap Luke’s home?” I asked.

            “Yeah he’s home, and he’s worried. It is six o’clock you know.” Cameron said. The snow was up to my knees and my legs were freezing.

            “Crap, it is?” I asked, shocked by the time flashing. He chuckled a bit.

            “Yeah, it is. We’ve been training for a while.” He told me.

            “Precious one, are you cold?” He asked. I shook my head, lying.

            “You’re a bad actor.” Cameron commented. He realized I was shivering as we walked in my front yard.

            “I don’t want to go in there.” I whispered urgently.

            “I know. We could stay out here for a while; maybe practice your mind reading.” Cameron suggested.

            “That works. So, have you ever experimented with a mind reader reading another mind reader’s mind?” I asked, not really understanding my question as I walked to the back of the house where I would not be in view.

            “No…wait what?” He asked suddenly confused. I giggled.

            “Have you ever tried to read a mind reader’s mind?” I asked him.

            “Oh no, one of the past precious ones tried that before. We lost a precious one and a mind reader that day.” He explained, shaking his head at the ground.

            “Well I know whose mind I’m not going to read then.” I mumbled.

            “I really hope you’re not a mind reader. That would suck because I’d die.” He smiled.

            “I’d stop reading my mind then.” I replied.

            “Try reading Luke’s.” He suggested. I thought hard about Luke and his mind.

            “Don’t hurt yourself now.” Cameron laughed. I used my telepathic daydreaming thing to push him softly. He rolled his eyes.

            “Yeah Melodie, we all know you’re a telepath, but you don’t have to stop training in mind reading for it.” He mumbled. I smiled and continued to focus on my brother’s mind.

            “Hear anything?” He asked.

            “Yeah I hear you talking.” I murmured. He laughed again.

            “Sorry.” Cameron apologized.

            “Are you dying?” I asked.

            “No, I’m reading Trevor’s mind. He’s so annoyed at Jasmine.” Cameron laughed. I ran my hands through my tangled hair, securing it with my lucky hair tie. Cameron looked troubled.

            “I have to go Mel.” He said, blankly.

            “What? Why?” I interrogated.

            “I have to ask the Elders something.” He whispered in a trance.

            “Cam!” I exclaimed. He kissed my forehead, getting his personality back.

            “He won’t hurt you; I even doubt he’ll ground you, depending on what the Elders say.” He answered the questions in my mind.

            “But still, I disobeyed him.” I muttered.

            “You’re the precious one, you’re the princess, and you do no wrong.” He reassured.

            “He doesn’t know that.” I whined.

            “You’ll be fine.” He laughed.

            “I will not.” I growled.

            “I promise I’ll be in your tree as soon as I can. I’ll be watching your future in Trevor’s mind. Its fine, I promise my precious one.” He told me.

            “My tree?” I asked super unhappy.

            “I’m kidding Melodie, chill out. I’ll text you.” He smiled.

            “You don’t know my-” I started.

            “I’ve known since you first got that phone call.” He laughed. I smiled and rolled my eyes. He kissed my forehead again and started walking back toward the forest.

            “Ew.” I commented to myself, scrubbing my forehead with my hand. I felt as if the kiss left a permanent mark on my forehead. I scrunched down to the area of grass that was not covered in snow right beside the glass back door. I realized Luke’s car was not in the driveway. Obviously my vision had been wrong and Alex was bluffing. It made me think about why Luke wouldn’t be home by now. I had to go inside eventually before he caught me outside like I told him I would not. I rolled my eyes and sighed, giving in to Alex. I walked over to the front door, almost swimming in the snow and spun open the gold door knob.

            It was empty and silent in the cold living room. I looked around in suspicious narrowed eyes, waiting for either of my brothers to show up around a corner or under a table but nothing happened. I crossed my arms and went to the kitchen to start dinner, hoping to soften Luke or Alex up so they wouldn’t go crazy. Faintly, I heard Alex’s music upstairs and felt relieved. I turned on the oven to get it preheated for the baked chicken I was planning to prepare. I put a pan on the stove as well to make steamed carrots. I hopped upstairs and to Alex’s room, hesitant as I arrived at his door. I knocked as loud as I could bear with my fear. The door swung open quickly, revealing Alex in rage.

            “What?” He asked harshly.

            “What’s your issue?” I asked.

            “Luke, apparently, is going to be in the office all night due to the snow and I’m starving and he can’t take home food and why the heck are you so cold?” He asked, listing his issues.

            “Relax Alex, I’ll cook you dinner.” I mumbled.

            “Great now, Melodie, you look like an icicle.” He commented.

            “Why’d you turn off the heat?” I asked with attitude.

            “I didn’t, Luke didn’t pay the bills. I didn’t mind it too much but where did you go, Antarctica?” He asked sarcastically.

            “I didn’t go anywhere, I’m fine.” I answered.

            “Go cover up or something.” He ordered.

            “I can’t. I have the stove and oven on for your dinner.” I replied, suddenly suspicious again. He said nothing so I spoke my emotion.

            “Why aren’t you trying to get me grounded and being all ‘you got me grounded, I’ll get you’ anyway?” I asked. He laughed and ruffled my already-messed-up long brown bangs.

            “Gotcha.” He laughed.

            “What? But you were so-” I muttered.

            “I know, I just wanted to see how fast you could actually get home.” He smiled.

            “I doubt that.” I sighed. He laughed and wrapped me in an uncomfortable hug.

            “Ah Mel, I love you.” He laughed.

            “Get away from me!” I exclaimed pulling away. He smiled a crooked smile and shut his door.

            “You never answered my question!” I called. I heard him laugh in his room before he turned on his music.

            “It was a joke!” He yelled over it. I rolled my eyes and ran back downstairs to cook his dinner. I pulled the chicken out of the stove about an hour later while Alex ran down.

            “You know you’re the best right?” He commented, maneuvering around me to get carrots.

            “Of course.” I smiled, placing the chicken on the stove for his enjoyment.

            “Aren’t you going to eat?” He asked me as I headed for the stairs.

            “No, I’m not really hungry.” I answered. He chuckled to himself.

            “You? Not hungry? When are you ever not hungry?” Alex asked me.

            “Uh, all the time?” I replied to his not thought out remark.

            “That’s true. But you were gone like all day; you should be at least a little hungry.” He told me, shocked.

            “Well, that sucks for you. I’m going to go to my room now, ok?” I inquired impatiently. He rolled his eyes without response, so I took that as a yes. I sat on my bed, cross-legged, impatiently waiting for a text message from Cameron. I groaned when I realized I did not want to talk to him, I didn’t want to be the precious one. I threw the phone off my bed when it started to ring. It hit a wall and split in half. I gasped.

            “Oh man, Luke is going to kill me!” I cried out quietly. My phone just happened to be new that Luke spent 20 dollars on. Yeah, I know, lots of money, seriously, but he just bought it and he would be so mad!

            “Alex!” I yelled.

            “What?” I heard faintly.

            “Get up here!” I screeched. I heard his stomping footsteps bouncing unhappily up the stairs and then up my ladder.

            “What?” He asked. I picked up the broken pieces of my phone and showing them to him, worried. He laughed.

            “Luke’s going to kill you!” He laughed.

            “This is not funny! You need to help me!” I begged.


            “I don’t know I just really need help! What happened when you broke your phone?”

            “I got grounded for a week and a half.”

            “That doesn’t help.”

            “What do you want me to do?”

            “Do you think we could go over to the cell phone store and buy one?”

            “The snow is up to your waist, how do you expect that to happen?”

            “We could try!”

            “We could fail!”

            “Shut up Alex, please.”

            “It won’t help. Your service will still be out.”

            “We could go get it fixed! Then it would still have service and such.”

            “First, it would take 2 weeks to fix it, second, it wouldn’t have service either.”

            “Luke is going to kill me.” I cried.

            “I know.” Alex smiled. He left the room then. I held my head in hands trying to decide what I would do.

            “Sure you’re not going to eat?” Alex called.

            “Yes!” I responded.

            “Sure?” He asked.

            “Positive!” I answered.

            “Get down here and eat right now before you go anorexic!” He yelled referring to my body which at that point was barely underweight. When the doctors told Luke that, he went bananas! And, also, he went pineapples. That man was so ashamed of himself thinking he under feeds me. Now he makes me eat every single meal cooked in this house.

            “I’m not hungry!” I yelled, unhappily.

            “It’s just a phone!”

            “It’s not because of that! I’m not hungry!” I yelled. I heard his footsteps run up the stairs and to my ladder. I rolled my eyes and hopped down, knowing he would carry me downstairs if I didn’t respond. I ran downstairs behind him and got a small serving of chicken and carrots. I played with my food without actually eating it. When I had a carrot stabbed on my fork Alex took my plastic fork from my hand and shoved it in my perfect mouth. I chewed it unhappily and gave my brother a dirty look.

            “You’re welcome.” Alex sang. I groaned and threw the fork back on the paper plate and pushed it away.

            “Come on, Melodie, you have to eat.” He persuaded.

            “I’m not hungry Alex.” I groaned. I ate a bite of the chicken and then ran back upstairs, hiding under my bed. I heard Alex sigh downstairs but he didn’t chase after me. The snow started falling lighter outside my window. I slid out from under and onto my bed, lying on my blankets. I realized the snow wasn’t falling lightly anymore, it was sprinkles of hail.

            “Mel!” Alex called. I ran downstairs and saw him holding my plate.

            “What?” I asked harshly.

            “So you’re not going to eat?” He wondered.

            “Nope.” I popped. He threw it in the trash.

            “Why?” I asked.

            “Luke is going to be so mad.” I heard him mutter.

            “Why?” I asked.

            “He’ll be home in 5 minutes.” Alex explained.

            “Why?” I repeated.

            “The roads are clearing up a bit, they got some snow plows.” He replied.

            “Peace.” I smiled holding up two of my fingers as I retreated back to my bedroom. Alex laughed as he followed me; he was in trouble for not enforcing the rules as well. I ran into Alex’s room before he could get to his door. He ran after me.

            “You know the rules about my room. Out.” Alex demanded.

            “But you see, if Luke gets home he’ll go directly to my-” I started. A loud bang interrupted my sentence when it hit the wall next to us. We both rushed to the window to see the tree making a thin hole in the bottom of the house. If the tree and fallen it would’ve killed us, so it must have been pushed. Or…

            “Yin.” I whispered.

            “Who?” Alex interrogated, facing me.

            “Yin! If Gerard chose Yang for his impact he would choose Yin for his too! The most impact you can do is strength, flames or telepathy so that’s Yin! Oh my goodness Yin’s a telepath!” I freaked out in a whisper.

            “Calm down, there’s no such thing as…” Alex started.

            “Watch.” I interrupted. I daydreamed about the tree in the air, going back its original place in the yard.

            “What was that?” Alex asked, urgent.

            “My telepathy.” I mumbled.

            “Why didn’t you tell me?”

            “I was training when you called and got me in trouble! I would’ve told you but you were threatening me.” I told him. He clicked his wrists at me, getting my hair slightly wet.

            “Alex!” I complained.

            “You should’ve told me.”

            “I know. I have to go now.” I replied, running out of his bedroom. I climbed up my ladder hoping to find my Chinese sling bag on my dresser. The bag was twirling around directly beside the dresser, in the hand of the one and only, Jasmine.

            “What are you doing here?” I squeaked urgently.

            “I came to get you. Gerard was tricking Cameron, Yang and Yin are in attack mode. You must come with me.” Jasmine insisted.

            “I’m not a-” I started.

            “I know! We’re walking!” Jasmine exclaimed.         

            “You’re a-” I started.

            “This is no time for discussion we have to go!” Jasmine fumed, grabbing my wrist and leading me down the ladder.

            “Trevor told me-” Jasmine started.

            “He tells everyone everything! He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.” I growled.

            “Melodie, I don’t like your negative mood.” Jasmine commented. I slid my bag on and followed her quick movements out of the front door.

            “Mel!” Alex roared as he stepped out of the door behind us. Jasmine and I both stopped in our tracks, turning around to face my brother.

            “What?” I inquired.

            “Where are you going? Luke’s going to be here in like 5 minutes.” Alex explained. I sighed and looked down.

            “Jasmine…I can’t go with you.” I replied. I looked at her at beautiful face regretfully.

            “Why not?” Jasmine asked.

            “Jasmine, Melodie, we have to go, we have to keep her safe!” Cameron’s voice called from behind.

            “I’ll be fine. If Yin or Yang comes around you’ll know and half of you would be here already. Just go.” I persuaded.

            “But Mel-” Cameron started.

            “Enough! I’ll be fine!” I yelled running back to the house.

            “Someone’s angry.” Alex mumbled as I pushed past him in the threshold.

            “Yeah, you’re right.” I replied. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed an orange from the fridge.

            “I thought you weren’t hungry.” Alex assumed.

            “I’m just doing it for looks. I’ll peel it and take it up to my room so Luke thinks I’m eating.” I explained.

            “You’re doing a lot just to keep him mellow.” Alex commented. I smirked.

            “Yeah, plus Cameron would force feed me otherwise. He doesn’t want his precious one to go hungry.” I answered with attitude. He chuckled.

            “What’s with this Cameron guy anyway?”

            “He’s the one that saved me from being kidnapped so whatever.”

            “What’s with that whole attack thing again?”

            “Gerard thought that I wasn’t getting trained well enough for him so he’s a teensy bit mad.” I explained. I heard a car door slam outside the door.

            “I’d go to my room if I were you.” Alex advised.

            “Why?” I asked.

            “Well one, you just said you would. Two, you are still soaked from the snow and red from the hail.” Alex smiled. Just as he listed the two reasons the door knob flew open and then Luke came in shivering and wet.

            “Hey?” I said.

            “Melodie, who are all those people outside?” Luke asked.

            “There are people outside?” I inquired. He nodded while I rushed to the window to observe.

            “Alex? Who are these people?” I asked. Alex rushed to my side and looked out the window. I caught him smiling.

            “Friends of mine, I should go tell them I’m grounded.” Alex replied, a fake frown spreading across his face. He slid off the couch and to the front door, pushing past Luke to his group of friends.

            “You look freezing.” Luke commented when Alex left.

            “Well someone forgot to pay the heating bill this month but hey, I’m fine.” I replied sarcastically. He wrapped me in a hug.

            “Get off of me.” I ordered quietly and bitterly.

            “Sorry.” Luke replied, with an edge to his voice. Alex ran back in laughing as the group of people walked away.

            “So what did you guys do today?” Luke asked.

            “We had a nice day at home.” I smiled.

            “Did not! You totally went swimming in the snow, and picked up the tree with your mind and you almost left to go save the world and you were gone for like…” Alex listed.

            “Alex!” I exclaimed. Alex flashed a crooked smile at me.

            “You did what?” Luke asked, shock in his voice.

            “This is already a lame Christmas break anyway! I mean seriously, it’s like we live in a cemetery! I had to do something.” I complained.

            “You promised me Melodie!” Luke yelled.

            “When I was five you promised me I’d have a grand ole time living with you and look where I’ve come!” I exploded.

            “Ooh burn.” Alex teased Luke. Luke hit Alex’s chest, never taking his burning eyes off of mine.

            “I may have made that promise, but I was twenty. I wasn’t responsible. But now I am and I say you’re grounded.” Luke ordered.

            “This would be bad time to admit she broke her phone wouldn’t it?” Alex asked.

            “Alex!” I yelled. Alex laughed.

            “You what?” Luke asked, surprised.

            “I know grounded, one month, money to buy a new one comes out of my allowance.” I mumbled, running upstairs crying.

            “Good!” Luke yelled from downstairs.

            “Wow, maybe that wasn’t the best move in the world.” I heard faintly. It was Alex’s voice, but he was nowhere near me.

            “Boo!” Alex exclaimed as he popped his head up.

            “Alex! You loser I thought I was reading your mind.” I mumbled. Alex laughed and went back down. I heard a faint ringing under a pile of pillows in the corner where I had hid my phone.

            “What?” I whispered to myself, forgetting it was broken. I remembered when I picked up the screen. The screen was attached to the keyboard again and instantly I knew it was Jasmine. I looked at the text message. It was the second one received from Cameron.

            “Look outside. NOW!” It read.

© 2010 monstercaylee

Author's Note

I also use tons of dialouge.

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