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The Truth

The Truth

A Chapter by monstercaylee

Melodie's back! Psht, city girl. But can Alex trust her not to leave again? And on top of that, a tragedy strikes the Andersons.


“What do you want Luke?” Alex asked. Alex sat next to me on the counter, and poured some candy into the palm of my good left hand.

            “Thanks Alex.” I smiled, pouring the candy in my mouth.

            “Anytime Mel.” Alex replied.

            “But you said…but…you promised she wasn’t here!” Luke said.

            “Did I?” Alex asked, putting his arm around my shoulders.

            “Yes, you did, up there, in your room.” Luke specified.

            “Wow Mel, we are talented actors.” Alex smirked.

            “Are you telling me this whole thing was just a joke?” Luke asked, angrily.

            “Yep.” I commented.

            “Basically, yeah.” Alex told him.

            “So I’m not crazy? And this is really Melodie?” Luke asked, his voice getting higher.

            “Uh, yeah, pretty much.” Alex said.

            “Well, I don’t know I always thought you were a little crazy but not seeing things crazy.” I told him.

            “So Mel, you’re back, like you live here again?” Luke asked.

            “Obviously, Luke, you know I’m a city girl, can’t spend a day in the wild.” I smiled.

            “Oh, ok.” Luke said, turning around to the fridge. Alex and I looked at each other briefly confused. That ended when Luke yelled:

            “Oh my God!” I hugged me tighter than Alex had. Yeah, I had gotten used to being “the precious one” but I will never get used to people hugging me. I let him hug me for a minute but then it just felt awkward.

            “Get off of me Luke!” I yelled.

            “Oh my God it really is you.” Luke stated.

            “No Luke, it’s the queen of England, gosh.” Alex said sarcastically. Luke pushed Alex’s shoulder.

            “But why would come back after everything I said last night?” Luke asked me. Luke started cooking…something. It looked disgusting, so I grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl behind me.

            “Because of everything this loser said last night.” I teased, bumping Alex. Alex put his arm back around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him.

            “Wait, we’re not still grounded are we?” Alex asked.

            “Nah, I don’t think so.” Luke replied.

            “Luke, what exactly are you attempting to cook?” I inquired.

            “Soup.” Luke answered.

            “Do you want me to cook?” I asked.

            “Yes.” He said immediately. Alex chuckled.

            “Here’s an idea, let’s just eat take out.” Alex suggested.

            “Are you questioning my cooking skills?” I asked in a mocking tone.

            “It’s your welcome-back-after-a-day party. We can’t make you cook.” Alex told me.

            “It’s no big deal Alex.” I replied.

            “I know that, but I want take out.” Alex hissed in my ear.

            “Ok, ok, why don’t we get take out Luke?” I asked Luke, who was pouring his “soup”

down the drain.

            “If Melodie wants to cook then we should let her.” Luke sighed.

            “Let’s get take out!” Alex and I yelled at the same time.

            “Fine, Chinese, barbeque or McDonalds?” Luke laughed.

            “McDonalds.” I stated.

            “What about pizza?” Alex asked.

            “No, I like McDonalds.” I told him. He covered my mouth.

            “I guess we’ll get both.” Luke sighed. As always we wrote what we wanted on a notebook so Luke wouldn’t get confused. We sent it with him when left.

            “Hey guys, there you are.” Luke said, noticing us playing video game on the stairs when he put my meal on the table.

            “Sick, why would we do that?” I asked. Luke chuckled. So we all ate. At about ten I decided to go to sleep. Luke was already asleep but Alex and I were up playing Rock Band. We weren’t all that good. I was losing and my power went all the way down. I groaned in anger.

            “I died!” I grumbled.

            “How can you die playing music?” Alex asked.

            “It’s a VERY painful death.” I commented.

            “Like my ant farm from when we were little kids?” Alex asked.

            “That you never fed? Yeah.” I remembered.

            “They were vegetarians!” He exclaimed.

            “There is fruit you know.” I told him.

            “They were allergic to fruit.”

            “How can someone be allergic to fruit? And besides that, there’s still bread.”

            “They were vegan!”

            “Then how did you keep them alive so long?”

            “They ate each other.”

            “Wouldn’t that make them carnivores? And cannibalistic?”

            “Shh. Don’t tell them that.” Alex smiled.

            “Okay Alex, I’m gonna go to sleep since I’m awful at this.” I laughed, putting down the drum sticks.

            “Night.” I told him as I walked over to the stairs. I lied on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking of a plan. It started snowing again, so I pulled up the blanket. I heard a knock on my window. A rock had been thrown at the glass window. I got up and looked outside. Trevor was looking up at me. I opened the window.

            “What are you doing?” I hissed.

            “Come on Melodie, do you want to come back or not?” Trevor asked me.

            “What don’t you people get about I like it here? I’ll be at practice in the morning. Good night Trevor.” I told him. He groaned.

            “Good night Mel, see you in the morning.” Trevor sighed. I shut the window and went back to bed. I finally fell asleep at midnight, without a dream. When I awoke it was dark outside, the sun hiding behind deep black clouds. I stood up and got dressed, staring at the menacing clouds the whole time. The time was 8 in the morning, too early for my taste. I walked downstairs only to discover that Luke was gone, again. I made a bowl of cereal, and when I turned around I saw…

            “Jasmine?” I asked, in shock.

            “You’ve got to come back with me.” Jasmine told me.

            “No I don’t! I’ll be at practice just chill out!” I yelled.

            “You belong with us Melodie, not with them!” Jasmine countered.

            “I belong with my family, thank you very much. Now get out of my house!” I replied, like an angry black person (not to sound racist).

            “Only if you come with me.” Jasmine stated calmly.

            “No!” I yelled.

            “Why not!?!” She asked immediately.

            “Because I hate feeling like I’m not good enough! When I’m here I know I’m good enough! I’m wanted here.” I argued.

            “You’re needed in the tribe!” Jasmine yelled.

            “I love my brothers and I would never hurt them like that again Jasmine! Yeah maybe sometimes we fight but you can never tear me away from them like that.” I defended.

            “What about everyone else? They need your protection.” Jasmine battled.

            “Why am I suddenly the protector? I would rather be the protected like I am here!” I started to yell again.

            “You have to make sacrifices in your life Mel!” Jasmine yelled, as I walked into the kitchen.

            “I am making a sacrifice Jasmine! I’m giving up my life for your tribe and you have problem with me deciding I want to have a good life with my family!” I countered.

            “You’d have a better life with us, trust me Melodie!” She yelled.

            “Yeah, feeling like I’m hated? Feeling like no one loves me? Feeling regret for leaving again?” I asked. I could hear tears forming in my voice.

            “You feel unwanted here too. That’s why you left in the first place. They’re only being nice to you now but think about it. In a week or so things will go wrong again.”

            “So what!?! I’m not going back there again Jasmine!”

            “You have to Melodie!”

            “I don’t have to do anything! As long as I show up for practice, I’ll be fine!”

            “What are you going to do about the people who are targets when you’re gone!?!”

            “You guys can deal with them! You all seem to be so much better than me anyway!”

            “We are not!”

            “Whatever Jasmine! Just leave me alone for once! I’ll be at practice!”

            “I don’t want you at practice; I want you to come live in the village!”

            “Well too bad because I’m not!”

            “How can you live with these talentless monkeys!?!”

            “Hey! They’re not talentless! They’re perfect the way they are!” I yelled.

            “Fine! Whatever Melodie. See you at practice!” Jasmine told me angrily. I slid down the fridge door so I was sitting on the ground. She teleported back then. I started to sob, putting my head on my knees.

            “You gotta go to that practice thing Mel.” Alex reminded me, coming into the kitchen, but not caring why I was crying on the floor.

            “I don’t want to go.” I insisted.

            “Mel its okay. I’ll go with you if you want.” Alex suggested.

            “Really?” I asked.

            “Yeah.” He said sweetly.

            “Thank you.” I whispered.

            “Anytime. Let’s go Mel.” He told me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the floor. He let go of me when I was up and then we walked over to that tiny village. When we got to the training ring in the back of the village we saw the entire group lined up like the first day.

            “Melodie, he can’t be here.” Samantha stated blankly when I entered the ring.

            “Can’t he at least watch?” I begged.

            “Ugh fine as long as we can get this show on the road.” Cameron groaned.

            “Calm down Mr. Stalking Me Every Minute.” I sighed.

            “Sorry precious one.” He mumbled.

            “Yeah, so let’s get going.” I said. Jasmine was glaring at me.

            “So, so far we have you as a flamethrower, telepath, and a semi psychic.” Cameron told the group.

            “How is it possible to be a semi psychic?” Trevor asked.

            “No idea.” I told him.

            “The only thing you actually predicting was a phone call and a daydream.” Cameron reminded me.

            “Can I predict you being any less annoying?” I teased, hugging him. He smiled and rolled his eyes playfully.

            “Focus Melodie.” Trevor coached me. I let my mind relax. My daydream was a lunar eclipse. I looked down from it and saw a field, gray from the eclipse. 10 people were standing in an arrow formation. Gerard was in the middle of the line up. He glared at me with burning purple eyes. I stared back, growling at him.

            When I awoke from the daydream I saw Trevor’s eyes closed like he was trying to have the same vision as me. The group was sitting around watching me. I huddled closer to Cameron. He looked down at my strangely.

            “I saw him. I saw Gerard, and like his entire army behind him.” I whispered. Trevor’s eyes snapped open.

            “Yeah, I saw him too.” Trevor mumbled.

            “Does anyone know when it’s going to happen?” Cameron asked.

            “Nope.” Trevor answered.

            “Lunar eclipse.” I stated.

            “Whoa, you are better than me.” Trevor commented.

            “Thank you.” I smiled.

            “Isn’t the lunar eclipse in like… two weeks or something?” Cameron asked.

            “Dude, the lunar eclipse is the day after we have to give Melodie back to Gerard.” Samantha corrected.

            “We’ll talk about this later. Melodie, can you try to read somebody’s mind?” Cameron asked.

            “I’ll try.” I replied. I focused on Alex, who was watched me from behind the fence. I let my mind relax.

            “This practice business is so crazy.” I heard. It was Alex’s voice, so I looked back him.

            “Alex, what were you just thinking?” I asked.

            “Just about how freaky this practice is.” Alex answered, surprised.

            “What’d you hear?” Cameron replied.

            “Alex saying the practice is crazy.” I answered. Cameron lifted me off the ground hugging me, spinning.

            “You’re a true telepath! That’s what I heard too!” Cameron exclaimed.

            “PUT ME DOWN!” I screamed. Alex laughed. He obeyed my frantic demand. I used my telepathy to hit the back of Cameron’s head.

            “Yeah, that’s like the worst thing you can do.” Alex smiled.

            “Shut up.” Cameron laughed. I sat down on the cold ground, pouting. Leo smiled at me, and sat next to me.

            “Hey.” He smiled.

            “Leo, I doubt I have super strength.” I grumbled.

            “That’s not why I came over here Mel.” Leo replied.            “I wanted to ask you if-”

            “Hey Mel!” Trevor interrupted, standing over me. Leo stood up next to him.

            “I was going to ask her a question.” Leo informed Trevor.

            “Oh were you?” Trevor asked. Leo hit Trevor. Trevor hit Leo back. Leo chased Trevor. All in all, it was hilarious.

            “You little boy magnet.” Alex teased, suddenly behind me.

            “Shut up Alex.” I mumbled.

            “What’s wrong Melodie?” Alex asked me.

            “You know I don’t want to be here.” I whispered.

            “I know, but you have to. So you might as well learn something.” Alex replied. I used my telepathy to throw a rock at him.

            “There, I learned how to move things with my brain without looking, can I go now?” I asked. He gave me an annoyed look and pushed me. I stood back up.

            “Try to teleport Melodie.” Jasmine urged, in a sweet voice. Obviously she had forgiven me for yelling at her this morning. I couldn’t help but thinking that I was the one that should’ve been mad, because she teleported in without warning, screamed at me, called my brothers stupid and caused me to cry on the kitchen floor for hours.

            “If it’ll get me out of here.” I murmured. I freed my mind and wished that I could go home. I felt lighter than I did on the field. I heard Alex laughing. I snapped open my eyes. Nothing.

            “So what, you’re not a teleport, big deal. Try shape shifting.” Samantha suggested. I freed my mind, and thought about what I most desperately wanted to turn into, a hamster, hamsters are cool. I felt gradual shrinking and when I opened my eyes…

            “You’re a hamster!” Samantha exclaimed. I was lifted by Cameron. I thought about a tiger. Cameron threw me and backed away.

            “A tiger.” Trevor whispered. I turned into a bird.

            “A dove.” Jasmine corrected. I flew around and landed on Leo shoulder. He grinned. I turned into a tiny monkey.

            “Marmoset.” Leo laughed. I hopped back and turned back into myself.

            “Nice, looks like you have talent.” Samantha cheered.  That made me laugh.

            “Now can I go?” I asked.

            “No, we need to figure out how to stop Gerard!” Cameron exclaimed.

            “You know, I’m not super hero, I can’t save the world, and I’m not even in high school!” I explained. Cameron laughed.

            “We can all save the world, Melodie.” He smiled.

            “But I don’t know how.” I whispered.

            “You’ll learn Melodie, didn’t you see? You were leading us.” Trevor told me, sitting down next to me. It’s amazing how he could ruin Leo’s plan to ask me out by being obnoxious, yet he was so supportive toward me. I shrugged.

            “Pretend that mountain is Gerard.” Cameron told me. I used telepathy to throw the huge boulder at the mountain.

            “Violent!” Alex teased. I hit him. I shot flames at the mountain as the rock hit it. He chuckled.

            “Violent, violent girl.” Alex thought.

            “Shut up Alex, I heard that.” I whispered, distracted by using my telepathy to knock a rock off the top of the mountain.

            “Mind readers these days.” He muttered to himself. I laughed. When the rock hit the ground I levitated it and smacked it against the mountain four or five times. I didn’t have to read his mind to know that he was calling me a violent girl again. The boulder finally broke and shattered, so I set the shards on fire. Alex laughed.

            “This is better than cable.” He mumbled. I smiled a little.

            “Okay Melodie, I think Gerard and his army are dead now.” Cameron laughed.

            “Can I please go now?” I asked. Cameron sighed.

            “You’ve only been here for-” He started.

            “An hour, I know, I know. So is that a yes?” I asked again. He rolled his eyes. He shook his head.

            “Then what do you want me to do?” I complained.

            “I don’t know, see the future, and try not to burn Maxine’s face off again. But that was funny.” Leo commented. Then I noticed Maxine wasn’t in the group. I guessed she was at the hospital being treated for burns, but I could’ve been wrong.

            “That’s kind of impossible. She quit after what happened yesterday.” Cameron announced.

            “What happened yesterday?” Alex asked.

            “I got mad at Maxine and shot fire at her face, burned most of her hair off.” I answered, trying to hold back a laugh. Alex had no trouble holding back his laugh, and with his came everybody else’s. I tried so hard to stifle it but we all laughed so hard we cried about that particular bit of information. We were cruel, cruel people. Cameron hugged me when the group stopped laughing.

            “Told you Melodie, violent.” Alex smiled.

            “So if Maxine quit what are we going to do? Now we don’t have a flamethrower to teach me.” I reminded Cameron.

            “I think you’re good without her.” Cameron laughed. A ball of fire came from behind and hit the mountain, nearly hitting my head on the way. We turned around and saw her, tears streaming down her face. Alex wouldn’t at look her, knowing she looked awful and it would be rude to laugh. No one said anything for five minutes, we just stood there. The group and I were staring at Maxine and she was staring at us. The cold winter seemed to decrease in temperature just looking in her cold eyes. Cameron finally decided to move his arm off of me.

            “Maxine…I…I didn’t-” Cameron stuttered. Maxine put a hand up.

            “Save it Cameron.” She interrupted harshly.

            “Maxine, please.” Leo complained. Maxine ran away from the ring at that moment. The tension in the air as I looked up at Cameron, his eyes burning with confusion. I stepped away from him, and toward Alex.

            “Melodie, you can go, I’m going to go catch up to Maxine.” Cameron told me. I walked over to Alex and hopped over the fence.

            “Let’s go.” I grumbled. I was walking fast, and Alex had trouble keeping up until he grabbed my arm when we were half way to the house.

            “What’s your issue?” He asked me.

            “Maxine is my issue! She’s being horrible to everybody else and I’m the one who burnt her. She’s making the worst of the situation and oh my gosh she’s getting so annoying!” I answered. Alex rolled his eyes and let me go, so we could start walking back to the house. Luke’s car was already in the driveway when we got home, so we were kind of optimistic about going inside. We walked in cautiously in the front door. Luke wasn’t in the living room. So we walked over to his room and peeked inside. He was sleeping on his couch. We broke out laughing. We had to walk away from the room so we didn’t wake him up. Alex stopped laughing first, so he picked up a note Luke had left on the counter.

            “I’m catching the flu or something so I’m going to sleep.  Don’t stay out too late.” Was all the note said. I found it odd that the note said nothing about him being mad at us for leaving or something.

            “I’ll start dinner then.” I mumbled.

            “Hold it little sister; you’ve been through a lot of drama today. I’ll cook tonight.” Alex contradicted.

            “Oh boy, I don’t think I’ll eat tonight.” I replied. He ruffled my hair and opened the freezer door. I rolled my eyes and sat on the couch. I picked up the book I was reading when we tricked Luke. I decided to read, but once I got to chapter two Alex called my name. I looked up. He pointed a fork the a plate on the counter. I looked at it and saw three chicken strips, Mac n’ cheese and a chocolate brownie. I bit my lip to keep from making my opinion known, but it didn’t work that well. After we ate and I put my plate in the sink I looked at him.

            “Did you like my dinner?” He asked.

            “Sure, you know, it was umm…It was a TV dinner on a plate!” I yelled. He chuckled.

            “But it was good right?” He smiled.

            “Again, I say, it was a TV dinner on plate! A baby could’ve done that blindfolded!” I laughed, trying not to raise my voice loud enough to wake Luke. He said nothing.

            “TV dinner on a plate.” I mumbled quietly to myself, and then I went up to my room. It was dark; I hadn’t been in it since this morning. My bed was not made when I turned on the light. I sighed, but I was happy that I didn’t have to unmake it. A lizard was crawling on my bed.

            “Samantha, what are you doing here?” I hissed. She transformed, and was lying on my bed.

            “Just wanting to hang out tonight.” Samantha answered.

            “Are you serious?” I asked. I felt like Samantha was kind of distant from the group especially me, so why should she want to hang out?

            “Yeah, I’m serious; I don’t really talk to you that much.” She replied. I focused on her mind.

            “Stop reading my mind miss.” She thought. Darn it, she was aware I would do it. Something seemed suspicious about this whole thing.

            “Why didn’t you knock on the door then?” I asked annoyed.

            “That would be rude.” Samantha answered, with fake shock.

            “It’d be polite instead of turning into a lizard and crawling up to my room!” I argued. I was furious then, while she remained calm. Everyone in the tribe seems to stay calm; I must have a really short temper.

            “Do you want to hang out or not?” Samantha pressed.

            “No thanks.” I mumbled.

            “Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She gave up too easily. I accepted it, and motioned her out the window. She turned into a dove before my eyes and flew right out the window. I used telepathy to shut it behind her. As I did I heard a shuffle behind me. I turned around and there sat Jasmine on my chair.

            “Did anyone get an invitation to come here?” I asked, really starting to get irritated with people just popping into my life.

            “Do you want to hang out?” She asked, ignoring me.

            No!” I replied. It was starting to sound like people wanted to kidnap me.

            “Why not?” She asked.

            “Because I don’t want to! Would you people just stop asking me that?” My temper did not last long with the constant “Do you want to hang out?” questions. She rolled her eyes and was gone. I flopped on my bed, still irritated. Then, I heard a rock hit my window. I groaned, but opened it wide. Leo hopped from the tree, barely sliding through the window without breaking it. He stood and dusted himself off for show.

            “Mel, what’s going on up there?” Alex called from downstairs.

            “Nothing!” I yelled back.

            “What do you want?” I growled at Leo.

            “I just wanted to come and-” He started.

            “Hang out? I’ve heard that one before. What do you really want?” I interrupted.

            “I really just wanted to see if you wanted to go out… like on a date.” He answered. His voice got abnormally high when he said the word date.

            “A date?” I repeated. He nodded, afraid to look at me. Leo and Trevor had been thinking about asking me on a date since I decided to move into the village, I just tried to ignore it. But now it was just me and Leo, alone, in my room, a question haunting me.

            “I don’t think that-” I started.

            “Trevor got to you didn’t he?” He asked, defeated.

            “No, no. It’s just that…I’m not sure that it would be such a good idea, with all that’s going on. Maybe we could…after the eclipse?” I suggested.

            “Well then Miss Precious one, I think we have a date.” He smiled.

            “Then Mr. Super strength, leave before you get me in trouble.” I replied, pointing out the window. He jumped out and landed in the thick layer of snow that had just fallen while I was eating Alex’s TV dinner on a plate. I groaned and fell on my bed. Alex came up my ladder.

            “Who was that?” He asked.

            “Leo, Jasmine and Samantha, it was so complicated.” I groaned. He smiled. He sat on the top step of the ladder and I sat on my bed.

            “What did they want?” Alex asked.

            “I think they wanted to kidnap me. Jasmine and Samantha wanted to hang out which I thought was completely odd.” I answered.

            “And Leo?” He prompted.

            “I’d rather not talk about it thank you.” I answered.

            “Asked you out?” He asked, ignoring me. I nodded.

            “And you said?” Asked Alex.

            “I said no. Can we drop the subject please?” I begged. He nodded. Alex stood up when I did, triggered by a noise downstairs. He briefly looked at me, and then we both ran downstairs. The noise sounded like a shattering window or something like that. When we got to the living room it was a plain mess, but what we saw on the couch was the most shocking.

© 2010 monstercaylee

Author's Note

Okay. About the ant farm thing, it's an inside joke. I thought it was hilarious, so I tossed it in there.

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Added on February 19, 2010
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