My Best Friend

My Best Friend

A Story by Ceana

         “Hey, what’s up?” he asked. “Not much, as you can see.” We’d been pushed to the back of the gym. Tonight was supposed to be THE night, but it turned out to be just like it always was. Me standing in a pretty dress, at the back of the room. Senior Prom. Yea, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why are you just standing there?’ Well, that’s what I’m trying to say, I got dumped on prom night. William, my date, hottest guy in the whole school, dumped me.

         Now I’m standing here with my back to the wall, wishing I had just stayed home. I can see everything from where I stand, everyone. Will knows that I’m watching him. I guess the jokes on me, before tonight I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of him. We’ve been dating for like two years, but now it’s over. I want to go home and cry.

         “You sure you’re ok?”

         “Ya, I’m fine.”

         By the way that’s Adam. I guess I should probably interduce him, sense he’s my best friend and all. We’ve been friends for like forever. I know he’s trying to make me feel better, but right now… “Can I walk you home?” He knows what happened, he was there. But it hurts a lot. “Sure, I don’t care to stay here any longer.”

         He’s holding my hand, pulling me through the crowd. I catch Will’s eye and he smiles, ‘I told you so,’ he seemed to say. I don’t want to remember what he said, it hurts too much. We’ve almost reached the door, I squeeze Adam’s hand, hoping that he’ll never let go.

         The door closes behind me, I can breathe again. It’s so peaceful out here, the crickets, the scattered conversation of the freshmen who came out to get some air or are going home for the night, and here and there the shadows from the moon intercept with the shadows of the building’s lights. We’re walking side by side now. Silent.

         I’ve sat down on a bench that’s far enough away from the gym that all I can hear is just the faint sound of music. Adam is now sitting next to me, I can’t see his face though, cause it’s shadowed by his hair. Oh, I didn’t realize how long his hair’s getting. That’s funny I didn’t notice the flower in his shirt either. “Sorry.” I could just barely hear him when he said that. ‘What for?’ I’m the one who should be apologizing. Not him, not someone who did nothing wrong. But if I do, what will he say?

         “I’m sorry, I just single handedly ruined your senior prom. (I still can’t see his face, but he’s slid his hand onto my thigh.) Leave it to me to rune something special for you.” I know he’s mad at himself but how is this his fault? ‘Ya, right. Do you really expect me to just believe you?’ Oh… I get it now, I understand what Will was saying. He was trying to tell me, that Adam… Well, in any case I can’t let him beat himself up about it.

         “It’s not your fault. I should have seen what he was a long time ago. I guess what I’m trying to say is tha…” What?! I… Huh?! What are you?... What are you doing? Tears are flowing down my cheeks, but that’s not what I’m… I am now facing him head on, and… and his lips are on mine. Square on mine. His lips are chap and cold yet they have a warmth to them, not like Will’s. I don’t understand what is he doing?

         Will was right. ‘how do I know that the two of you aren’t dating? After all, Adam does have a major crush on you.’ I didn’t know what he was talking about then, but now I do. Adam has liked me all this time and has never said a word about it. I’m so stupid, I… Uhhh… He’s letting go now, after holding me so tightly. He’s loosening his grip on my arms. I… don’t know what I should say or what I should do. “Sorry.” It was just a whisper, his warm breath against my lips. Was he sorry for stealing a kiss from a girl who just got dumped? Or maybe for liking her in the first place?

         He’s gone. But… Where’d he go? I don’t see him. There he is. I’m running to catch up to him. He walks with such long strides, he looks like the one who was dumped. “Adam!” He stopped when I called out to him, but didn’t turn around. I’m running faster now, trying not to pay attention to those watching me. I run up and grab his hand, “Don’t ask a girl if you can walk her home, then leave her on a bench somewhere.” I’m smiling at the surprise in his face.

         We’ve walked a long way in silence, he’s loosely holding my hand. I’m leaning my head on his shoulder, I can smell his cologne. I’ve never noticed how good he smells, it makes me happy. To think, that ever sense I met him his smell, his touch, look, sense of humor, everything about him has remained the same. Yet, has changed so much.

         We’re almost to my house, I can see it. “Can we slow down a bit?” I know he wants to get me home, but I really don’t feel like facing my parents right now. So, how can I get him to slow? “I keep stepping on my dress.”

         Huh? Why’d he stop? “I’m sorry.” What?! Did he seriously just stop walking to tell me sorry again?

         “It’s not your fault, Adam.” Why does he haft to act like this?

         “Yea, it is. You’d be dancing right now if I hadn’t gone. None of this would have happened.” He’s chewing himself out because I got dumped, by some idiot no less.

         “Ya, maybe. But I wouldn’t be happy.” Saying that made me smile, then I laughed when I looked up to see a look of total surprise and confusion on his face.

         “Wha… What’s so funny?” His face flushed red with embarrassment. That’s something I’ll never get over, how I can always embarrass him with a single look. “Are you ok?” He’s serious now, but I’m still laughing.

         “I’m fine. But you seem to be the one with a problem.” Now that I’m no longer laughing, I’m grinning like an idiot. “We graduate in a few days, so I should start looking forward not back.”

         I reach up to grab his collar and I give him a kiss. I don’t care who sees me, I’m only thinking about him. And after a few moments, he’s kissing me back, his lips are damp from mine. I can taste my lip stick on his lips.

       I’ve never felt so alive or loved in my whole life. Because I know, that no matter what happens next, he won’t just be my best friend anymore.













© 2017 Ceana

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