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Time Hailed the Wind

Time Hailed the Wind

A Poem by Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm

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© 2013 Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm

Author's Note

Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
From a flaming fire, Time hailed the Wind
Because he was enamored
By the way she scattered leaves in gusts so sweet
He celebrated her beauty by running his hands backward
Whirling streaks of fire in flaming heat

Morning beckoned to the hands of Time to see the Ocean wide
To try and end his celebration of the Wind
Hoping he would be enamored
By the changing tide
His backward running, he would then unwind

Time's flaming fire burned higher, as he felt a breeze
Flowing cool, on his quickly spinning hands
No rest would he find, until the Wind he pleased
Ignoring Morning, he moved even faster
Surely, she would understand

Evening persuaded Morning to leave this post to him
Thinking he could stop Time's ardent quest
Yet he forgot that true love cannot be dimmed
When he showed him all the stars
He loved best

From a flaming fire, Time hailed the Wind
Knowing that she was his one desire
Morning and Evening could never stop his hands
For Time's love for the Wind
Fed his fire

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I always knew that a bellows and some time was all it needed to turn a spark into a raging flame. Now I know why. What a wonderful mythical piece. It's almost like a religious legend explaining the nature of things. Reminded me of some Native American folklore I have read but completely original.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm

5 Years Ago

Thank you Fabian, sometimes my Cherokee side runs rampant :)


What a great poem!!
and what a great delivery!!

awesome :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Inspiring write my friend ~ fav ~ so passionate, one true desire shines like forever ~ Brilliant!

Posted 5 Years Ago

wonderfully done Neva. Beautiful story told of passion and love.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Thia was awesome. A total performance. Outstanding work Neva!

Posted 5 Years Ago

This was beautiful. Some poems really are meant to be spoken, and the way in which this rolls off of the tongue is largely what makes it so spectacular. That being said, it loses no eloquence in its written form either, and there is an air of age-old storytelling in it that I simply adore; it feels classic yet original. The cadence of your voice makes it all the better. Keep writing, and best wishes.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I love it. I wasn't sure about listening to a poem at first, because I don't even like to be read to. But I found myself lost in the cadence and immediatly drawn back in with strong words like "fire." Thank you for putting the words in the notes sections so I could read it for myself. Overall very lovely!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Awesome how you are reading this while I am looking at the words. Just beautiful.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Only you Neva, could make an awesome poem...even more beautiful by reading your words...intoning where need be, pausing for effect, and bringing to life the flaming fire.
The ironic part of it all Neva,...I just came in from the backyard after burning...you guessed it...a flaming fire of brush, and sticks and life.
You are amazing and courageous...I wish more of us would read our works of art...I tried once a week at a cafe in Sarasota. I hope I came across half as well as you did.
Well done maestro...
btw...love the Georgian drawl..

Posted 5 Years Ago

Superb theme, superb scheme, exciting poetry, a new mythology....the complete package, Neva! Good to read and read again. Smashing. P

Posted 5 Years Ago

time of a buring fire i can see through out..and the affair he having towards wind is completely a good simile,and his affair enamored,He celebrated her beauty by running his hands backward
Whirling streaks of fire in flaming heat,these lines i felt that time enjoying by making wildness through life?

then comes morning.she trying to stop times love with wind,nicely worked with good imagination and metaphysical content mixture,and in the end again time hailing wind knowing she his one desire the rest can't keep in hand...technically speaking nice fiction...thanks for sharing...

the imaginative topic i liked,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm


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