The End

The End

A Poem by Lyingwithlions

I'll soar as I roar, 
For fear doesn't really exist in me any more  
Forever continuing to flow
Like the waves crashing across all the ocean's shores
With my unrehearsed verse
I'll put down the first words that I can catch in my mind 
Losing the ones I couldn't capture on my line 

Dancing around the demons 
While I'm searching through the reasons 
Why I often believe this blessing to be a curse 
Yet I know, I am not alone
As I am shown through all the words I read 
That these pages of poems hold
They bring me closer to home!

In these gardens Eden still grows 
From springs of purity which quenches our thirst
With a hunger for love and a desire for what is right
Resisting all wrongs.....I'll continue to fight
For justice and peace
Which brings me to my knees 
To thank God for fulfilling my needs 

                        "Even all the birds of the air are cared for"

By Diminishing my wants
Leaving me in wonder 
And waking me from the dreams that haunt my soul
like thunder!
It's true the older you get, The faster time goes by 
So I let the moments roll
Releasing the hold of our oppressors
To set us all free from a hypnosis
Creating miracles through the ecstasy of mental telepathy  

All of us will be clean
In the coming days that emerge 
On a morning we have not yet seen 
Blue optical illusions will be defined 
In these lines in-between dreams
Don't waste another second of time 

Let it be known it's time to return home!
From a young age
I wondered if I wouldn't always feel this way
For so many couldn't 
Or they would've stayed
The thing is I'm not the only one 
Many feel the way I do
Having held on to, their kindred spirit through and though
like an arrow straight to the bone

It's time to return home! 

There's no place left to run
So I'll stand and fight from this place however long 
Like the sun, the moon, and all the stars in space 
Each in their own place, and right where they each belong! 

No longer alone
Now high on life and with a clear mind
I'll begin to write again
This world and the way so many have strayed 
Escaping the fact that they exist is not right 
It's a terrible shame

There are so many that have no heart nor soul
Their lives not being lived is a monumental waste! 

I can't wait until they taste the bitter, sour, mold of their fate
Fakes, liars, and snakes
Who claim to lead and give hope 
In all honesty all you do is take, and rape, while slithering on 
With no hands with witch to hold
While hiding in dark places, 
Putting forth your staged faces 
All for lust and greed. 

 "They tried to bury us, but what they didn't realize is, 
They were only planting seeds" 

With your ignorance you reap but do not sow 
No matter how much you harvest and waste
We will always continue to grow

So now as I slow my racing mind 
I'll open my forced shut eyes 
To prepare your plate 
Praying to our higher power 
Not to let the wicked wait much longer 
To have bellies full, Of a life time of their own mistakes 

While the righteous become stronger
Living for the hunger that we refuse to forsake 
Evil can take my life, 
Yet never escape from my light, 
For it shall forever shine above you
Even in the darkest of nights, I will still be seen 
A child of God, and not a means of men to hate 

Dreaming of a world that we should have
However sadly they didn't create
Instead the blind rage of a man named Cain 
Became our main purpose to remain
On the path that we've stayed to this very day
Led by Ignorance, jealousy, and hate

Imagine if we went the other way 
Loving the way his brother Able displayed,
Even on his dying day
The same way our brother did 
Who forgave because he knew 
Man didn't know, 
Why they did, 
What we still do. 

So I ask you many men behind the face of one man...
Why did you refuse to be a servant?
What didn't you understand? 

                                  One for all and all for one! 

Instead war became your answer 
Making money your w***e 
Raping the land
Selling yourselves and souls for more and more
Creating slaves as your hands
What for? 
What did you gain? 

Wealth is nothing, If it's all that's had at the end of the day 
Our true riches are lying within
Unfortunately for them, 
Their fading lost lives, 
Will be the price, 
Paid at the end

© 2017 Lyingwithlions

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Added on August 10, 2015
Last Updated on April 6, 2017




My name is Charles, So often I hear that nothing in this world is free. I wholeheartedly disagree! I believe that which has the most worth truly is. Our words..... Even though some may come.. more..