A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin



Inside a secondhand copy

Of The Old Man and the Sea

Is a gray postcard from Paris

Addressed from you to me

The month of May, three years ago

Not much to say, how could we know

Eight months later you would be gone

Now, I lay in my bed alone

Thinking how such a thing can be

When here are words you've written me

And so much more they seem to say

"I saw the Eiffel Tower Today."

The postage stamp, La Seine, Paris

Inside the Old Man and the Sea

Between the pages of Hemingway

In a faded copy of equal gray

Copyrighted in nineteen fifty-two

I have a postcard sent from you

"I've thought of you often"

And here, I smile

And dry a tear after awhile

To close the book with a tacit wish

Where the old man battles his mighty fish

And I silently struggle with what to do

With a postcard from Paris

And memories of you



© 2017 Fabian G. Franklin

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Fabian G. Franklin,
The title is fitting for this poem. It is like memories we possess within our souls. some little thing can be the door which we walk to another time, another place.
"Old Man and the Sea' a second hand copy, a gray postcard from the past. Life is our place of being and essence. The month of May and then your loved one gone within the year. Then this loved one had written, "I saw the Eiffel Tower today." Life seems so big but it is so precious and vulnerable.
Anyway between the, "copyrighted 1952 and "Ive thought of you often."
and here, I smile
and dry a tear after awhile"
Beautiful meaning as the author deals with the slippery memory which is hard to keep and find:
"Where the old man battles his mighty fish"
This was impressive to me.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Months Ago

Thanks so much for reading. I keep this copy on the headboard of my bed and it contains this Postcar.. read more
Kathy Van Kurin

2 Months Ago

Fabian Franklin,
I truly appreciate your words concerning how you have saved precious memento.. read more
I enjoyed this poem. The Hemingway life and journey. All of us take some of the journey Hemingway needed and wanted. Memories, faces and places. Our wealth in the time of our old age. Thank you Fabian for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 3 Months Ago

the marlin he lost, the love this speaker in the poem lost...

between the pages of a very short book, sort of like life.

love this book, Old Man and the Sea...still have my old copy from college somewhere.
and i feel that story reflects life so well, just like your poem...we are often battling to catch something and no sooner do we catch is taken from us somehow...and then we are not sure we ever had it in the first place...


Posted 3 Months Ago

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Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

Boone, NC

I make an effort to reciprocate all reviews left on my work. I rarely read at random unless a title catches my eye or the piece has been reviewed by a friend. But if you'd like me to review something,.. more..


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