Long Ago

Long Ago

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin




When I was a boy

Every morning was a new adventure and

I would seek out the secrets of life


I found them in spider's webs

Struggling or wrapped in cocoons

of spider silk


Always save something for a rainy day

They said


I saw the sun rise and set in glory

It burned my eyes

But I couldn't look away


True beauty is painful sometimes


The dew on the grass was wet

It glittered without being green

So I learned


Some things pass like decoration

While others linger on

Truer parts of creation


And all the parts can't be seen


I watched the bumble bee backing out

Of a lady slipper orchid

Where he had been drinking


Even beautiful things get left behind


Some things aren't treasured for their looks

But for the nourishment

They provide


Still, the beauty does its work

Those hairy legs; ripe with pollen

Suitcases of propagation


Beauty serves more than one purpose


I found a baby bird once

And I took it home

I tried to feed it with an eyedropper


It felt so frail in my hand

So warm as its little heart trembled

But I could not save it


Even the best intentions fail


It's difficult for young things to fly

And like Icarus it is

Certain death for those who try too soon


I learned in winter from snow

Things the rain never knew

That clouds and fog are not the same


Perspective changes everything


I grew into a man at last

But felt so confident in myself

That I forgot the price of knowledge


I forgot the life, struggling in the web

How some things get caught

And others are released


It would have served me better to remember


Life is frail and temporary

Even the voyage is not the same

For the same route taken


Time and chance befall all

Love and time makes fools of us all

And bridges burned are of no use


Regret will never warm a cold and bitter heart


Into my sixth decade I began

To ponder what lessons

I had learned in my youth


And to search through them

To find some universal truth

Experience knows but does not convey


Remembered truth is better than forgotten lies


In my youth I would have believed otherwise

The Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus

Taught me no one could be trusted


But long ago I believed in things I was told

Before I grew cynical and ashamed

Well before I grew old



© 2017 Fabian G. Franklin

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Oh those final phrases... how sad they are, however honest and familiar.

But til that ''Experience knows but does not convey' i was smiling and nodding, appreciating how wonderfully adventurious life is to a youngster, to the opening of eyes and mind.. to the making of glorious, smile-making memories!

How cruel age is, how disillusioning pain becomes with time and time again, hitting the senses and emotions into flat near blind nothings..

You write so beautifully, Fabian.. both in the makings of thoughts, memories, events and so forth come to bright life AND in the grey shadows gradually cast across the past.. so that the now, the future seems the end of.. living.. OR can be.. if allowwed..

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

No, not the end of living at all but the search for the meaning in life. One does not reflect on lif.. read more

2 Weeks Ago

A mellow life reads perfection.. please may i book a seat at the front of the journey, please! Recen.. read more
Time and chance befall all
Love and time makes fools of us all
And bridges burned are of no use

:) so true ..my childhood was not so bad..but my kids i know i don't give enough time..nor he has seen or enjoyed the nature as i had...not even sure he would be able to ..but am thinking of trying to make it happen for him :)

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thanks for reading. Give your children all the nature and outdoors you can before schoolrooms, offic.. read more
i think many young people fly too soon...and their wings get broken at such early age, they never quite recover.
i was lucky to have length to my childhood...i was able to appreciate all those things you mention early in the poem...and was always curious and fascinated...and remember when the days seem to last forever.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thanks Jacob. You are old enough to understand the nostalgia of the piece. Not sadness but a seeking.. read more

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Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

Boone, NC

Visit my blog at http://thepoetsparlor.blogspot.com "No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." Aristotle "The salvation of man is through love and in love." From Man's Sea.. more..


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