Among the Sailor Men

Among the Sailor Men

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin

I love the sea.



Wrinkles around his eyes

Carved upon the sea

Betray no compromise

With harsh reality


Gray-green eyes that pierced

Beneath the bushy brow

Each storm and wave so fierce

Upon the hull and bow


Bronze-like leather skin

Cured by salt and fire

Between the sun and wind

Compelled by shear desire


Upon the deck he stands

Behind the great ship's wheel

And all the helm commands

With his iron-like will


The bosun's mate will heed

His every look and word

While pulling out the lead

Winching up the halyard


With the mainsail raised

He charts her future course

Across the rolling waves

With sextant to the stars


Pea Coat buttoned broad

About his mighty chest

Collar, turned heavenward

An eye to the Crow's Nest


Under such stern visage

The ship and crew shall go

Bound to her destination

Delivering her cargo


In the tavern of the port

He lights his meerschaum then

Swarthy sailors there for sport

Give wide berth to him


Noting the captain's bearing

And countenance so grim

They swallow down a mug of rum

And raise a toast to him


One might see for a moment

The shadow of a grin

As he tips his woolen cap

Among the sailor men


© 2017 Fabian G. Franklin

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I'm blown away by the vivid image you paint of this old salt.I can visualize him.His character is perfectly clear ...all the right touches....
Fabian you never need an image to accompany your work...the work is the image...Kudos

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you. I like to dress up the words with a bit of color...not that the words are not capable of .. read more
A amazing shared and written.
"One might see for a moment
The shadow of a grin
As he tips his woolen cap
Among the sailor men"
When I was young. I traveled. I liked the old sailors. They had a million tales to say. I enjoyed the complete poem my friend. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poem.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Always glad to see you on my page friend. I've known a few old salts myself. My dad served in a beac.. read more
Coyote Poetry

1 Week Ago

Those service patches. Honored items. I always enjoy your work.
That painting is amazing. There is so much depth to his eyes. The waves of life have been harsh. Your words give him life, are like wind through his hair. His mouth silent in the harbor of his beard.

It's those eyes, those eyes that haunt the most.

Well penned.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you. I've known men who rode bulls for a living. I asked them why? The money is not guaranteed.. read more
Linda Marie Van Tassell

2 Weeks Ago

I think some men are just men. They live life by being men, and it's the only way they know. It's .. read more
Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Well, I'm certain riding bulls doesn't make you a man...crazy? Maybe. But not a man. I think being a.. read more
You have painted this captain as bigger than life, nearly dwarfing everything else around him, & your chosen artwork shows a likely burly fellow. You've created a strong mood here using vivid imagery & powerful intent. It makes me think about how much power the captain of such a vessel must've had, with everyone looking up to him to solve the never-ending dilemmas. Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

4 Weeks Ago

Thank you for reading. True, the captain has to command a ship full of tough sailors so he'd better .. read more
well done me hardy! aye and the love of it shines in yer poem matey! ;) great stuff ...glad i did not miss the boat this line "And all the helm commands" i want it to be And at the helm ... ??
the broad buttoned pea coat put the smell of the salt water wool in me nose ... I was in the Navy and loved that pea coat!
ps. great pic too ..

Posted 1 Month Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

1 Month Ago

Thank you. A navy man! That makes your praise all the more appreciated and I chose "all the helm" be.. read more
Einstein Noodle

4 Weeks Ago

well ...that's kind of what i thought ... and either way ...all the helm is a strong metaphor too! ... read more

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Added on November 12, 2017
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Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

Boone, NC

I make an effort to reciprocate all reviews left on my work. I rarely read at random unless a title catches my eye or the piece has been reviewed by a friend. But if you'd like me to review something,.. more..


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