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Whispers in the Universe

Whispers in the Universe

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin




Wind is more than whispers

The sea is more than tides

The world is full of mystery

And yet, the earth abides


This living thing; an entity

Seeming wide and vast

Is nothing to infinity

For even great things pass


A man beheld the universe;

That great abysmal sea

And like a coin within a purse

There rests our galaxy


Coins are lost or they are spent

But for the owner's pleasure

We wonder where the hours went

And where the years we treasure


Old man time is swift and sly

Although he bears a staff

We do not see him passing by

We do not hear him laugh


Love and time make fools of all

We can't say which is worse

But of these two that men befall

Time befalls the universe


And so a life will come to pass

As another life is born;

So an evening does not last

But comes another morn


Hope is washed with entropy

We see all things decay

But wind is more than whispers

And light is more than day



© 2017 Fabian G. Franklin

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I haven't read anything quite like this before. Very unique. Each stanza contributes to the poem over all so well. Greatly written. Delightful read that I enjoyed immensely.
A huge well done from me! :-)

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Fabian G. Franklin

1 Week Ago

Thank you. The idea here is that things are not what they seem. Death seems an end. But that is not .. read more
Silmara McGarry

1 Week Ago

I agree with you in every word!!!!
indeed it is ... more than we can know ...and so mystery and romance ... i like the bit of science in the mix ..entropy such an intriguing concept .. i am glad you closed with the repetition in your last two lines ... it breaths hope into the scheme of things for me ...

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you. I intended the entirety to represent that all things are not as they seem...even to scien.. read more
Einstein Noodle

2 Weeks Ago

thank you for sharing your faith Fabian .. i am not studied enough to say; but i venture to assert t.. read more
Beautiful! I love the entirety of the poem, and the last two lines are brilliant. A poem is more than words and words more than say.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you so much for reading and your kind comment. Bless.
This is so very true! 😊
Our world and the little changes, that happens around us, aren't just little changes, they speak more than what a wise ear can even and understand.It is still, so ironic that we spend our entire lives, adapting ourselves with its pace, not actually hearing what these wispers, these roars, and the silence actually hold so deep within them.

We are the slaves of 'time' and 'love', while life smiles and mocks at this wierdnes...Sooner things come to an end, but we still wonder, why?
But then, time never waited for anyone, not will it ever😊 that's the sweet tragedy of life!

Thankyou so much, for writing and sharing this piece here, Fabian :)This was one of the best philosophical I've read this far.
Your philosophy come out loud in this poem, and it gave me the feeling that it was written in a silent, Serene place, with lots to teach 😊

Happy writing!


Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you for reading and your kind review. My point here is that perception is not an axiom nor are.. read more
I agree my friend.
"Hope is washed with entropy
We see all things decay
But wind is more than whispers
And light is more than day"
Us and nature are one. We need nature more than she needs us. Thank you Fabian for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you Coyote for dropping by. Always a pleasure.

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5 Reviews
Added on November 23, 2017
Last Updated on November 23, 2017


Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

Boone, NC

I make an effort to reciprocate all reviews left on my work. I rarely read at random unless a title catches my eye or the piece has been reviewed by a friend. But if you'd like me to review something,.. more..