What is Youth but Eternity?

What is Youth but Eternity?

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin



What is youth?

It is strength and courage and vitality!

It is daring and dashing and flippancy.

It knows all and is not curious.

It cares not for tomorrow but today!


Comes an end of books and equations

Comes an end of school and sport

Comes an end of college and knowledge

When all the learning goes to work


But...what is this? It doesn't work like supposed!

Nobody told. Perhaps nobody knows!

Middle age laughs at youth

From behind tired eyes, shaking heads


Middle age goes to bed early

After the children are in their beds


Middle age rises at dawn to alarms and coffee

Clipping coupons from newspapers

Balancing the checkbook

Writing out grocery lists for the trips home


What is old age but misery?

It is pain and fear and uncertainty.

It is wrinkled and weak and serious.

It holds on today hoping for tomorrow.

It often looks at youth, grim and furious.


The boy who once ran field and track

Walking with a cane, a burden on his back

Of years...bending him...breaking him

His eyes too dim to see very far ahead


The girl who was so fresh and pink

So lovely in curls and quick to wink

At handsome boys she favored...

Now withered like a leaf in winter


One day they stop looking at each other

They look at grandchildren

And great grandchildren...remembering

How grand it is to be young!


For what is youth but eternity?


© 2017 Fabian G. Franklin

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You nailed it...
I never looked at youth quite that way,eternal
I concur on aging...somewhere between the middle and the end

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thanks. I think a lot of the youth look upon their youth as eternal. They believe themselves to be i.. read more
ah yes, reminds me of looking at pictures of my parents in their youth, of me in my youth...wondering where those people have gone...imagining them in their younger days...vibrant, active, different---one of my favorites from you.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you Jacob. The passage of time happens to us all. Here's to growing old as gracefully as we ca.. read more

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2 Reviews
Added on November 28, 2017
Last Updated on November 28, 2017


Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

Boone, NC

I make an effort to reciprocate all reviews left on my work. I rarely read at random unless a title catches my eye or the piece has been reviewed by a friend. But if you'd like me to review something,.. more..