A Deeper Shade of Blue

A Deeper Shade of Blue

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin

For my friend Blue. RIP




The doctors said the pills would help

But I never saw any improvement

The loss and loneliness took its toll

A triple bypass later her heart was still broken

The bergamot tea seemed to help

As much as anything or anyone could

Boxes of Earl Grey lined the kitchen shelf

Her apartment smelled of sandalwood

Mulberry candles and jasmine

There was always incense burning in the ashtray;

Candles lit in the middle of the day

Einstein stared down from one wall

Dried flowers hung from a nail underneath

Coffee might be boiling on the stove

Percolating the hours out of the days

When luck was with me, a pot of chili

Might keep the coffee company

A black and white cat with mangled fur

Laid in a lap of sweat pants looking up at her

Always anticipating; waiting

I think the cat went blind at last

Glass beads and shoebox photographs

Filled her days with costume jewelry memories

The way she talked always amazed me

Years on the road driving a semi out west

She pulled a heavy load more than once

Now she’s running bobtail into the great abyss

I gave her a Chinese dragon for Christmas

The year we didn’t have any snow

And some incense cones; sandalwood and jasmine

Smoke rolled from the dragon’s mouth and nose

It was a novelty in the flower shop

Funny, in her living room, it fit right in

She should have stayed in Tennessee

And let those hills and mountains

Heal the jagged edges of her soul

She sewed up the tears with fishing line

And acted like her heart didn’t have any scars

Yellow, dog eared, books of philosophy

Psychology, art and poetry

Lie scattered all around, their tattered pages scrawled

With lines of her own sad, broken poetry

In pencil and pen where she’d stop and start again

I never knew the natural color of her hair

The shades of red changed in her eyes as well

A smile forcing its way onto her face

Would get frightened away just lying there

Her laugh; an interrupted chuckle,

A cynical, serrated edge that bit her lip

We talked for hours arguing over meaningless things

Or over coffee and chili if luck was with me

I always petted the cat but never talked to it

She did that, and the cat would always choose her lap

People walk in and out of our lives; actors with bit parts

In the history of our selves but she moved permanently

Into my heart and never paid any rent

Except the summer nights I slept on her couch

The mornings that lasted past afternoons we spent

Down at the local flea market or at yard sales

Searching for things stranger than ourselves

We never had much luck with that

Satisfied our yearnings with books by e.e. cummings

Rod Mckuen, wooden bowls and old glassware

I can still remember the sun on the curls in her hair

It makes me long for shoebox pictures of my own

So I drag out my mental daguerreotypes...

Sometimes the odd old things just have to do

I sit alone and wander through my memories

Still searching for a deeper shade of Blue



© 2018 Fabian G. Franklin

Author's Note

Fabian G. Franklin
For my friend Jacque, aka Jackie Blue. Hope you are at home with the angels, polishing your slightly tarnished halo.

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One can tell after reading this wonderful tribute that she made a definite mark, more like a tattoo on your soul. This is a very touching, warm write and a beautiful way to honor your friend, may she rest in peace.

Posted 1 Day Ago

Such a feeling of sadness you convey and yet for all of it you present a deep seeded beauty for this wonderful life, though short-lived, you had with this lovely woman. Thank you so much for sharing -

Take care - Dave

Posted 1 Month Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

1 Month Ago

She was such a good friend. I miss her.
A wonderful tribute to your friend. Your poem reads like cascading stream. You must have had a very lovely relationship.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Fabian G. Franklin

1 Month Ago

Thank you. Yes, she was a very special friend.

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Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

Boone, NC

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