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...did the chains break

...did the chains break

A Story by Rimmee


Dawn ended in dusk and I felt as if I tried too hard to stay attached to it. I knelt down and wept…and the tears spread over my body like the sweetest poison the world has ever heard of. I felt succumbed while I was holding the chains as they had bound me from every side. And I too wanted them to bind me hard. It was not something against my will or against my thought. The chains had never compelled me in any way.The chains, I knew well, were succumbing me to death but still… I didn’t allow them to depart from me. And as I did…all my skin turned red and the sweat droplets trickled down from every part of my body. The thing which I thought to be a blessing upon me, was actually an undenied curse. The more I expected freedom from it, the more it turned me a slave.

And whenever I asked a boon , it came to me as a curse. And I tried and tried and tried even more…to turn my lifelessness to life. But it blessed me with death everyday.
One day, I finally decided to break all the chains that bound me like the ancient serpents, they, the chain of expectations. And as I tried, they started testing me every moment. With each passing day, they tested me more and more , and kept on avoiding them, undriven by extremity. And then, all of a sudden, they broke themselves forever, giving me way to ascend. The instant they broke, self-realisation dawned upon me like the golden light of the divine, and I started a search… a search of self instead of life, love and hope. They made me reflect through the core of life and whispered me the secret I had been searching for all these years. And this time I knelt down once again and wept bitterly, as the tears cleaned my every nerve and every piece of my soul.

© 2017 Rimmee

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Added on August 20, 2017
Last Updated on August 20, 2017



Visakhapatnam, India