Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Closedbox

Chapter 6 of Celestial Diaries



                                                                -Quartina Illustration-



                  As Aegina rushes to the north side of the gate where the Heaven’s Council makes their appearance it seems that their primary target is the coffin of Elizabeth. Aegina is still agitated by what happed that night. It seems that she cannot understand what Celeste meant when he didn’t accept Aegina’s proposal. So while rage is clouding her vision she reached the north gate first. That is now full of Heaven’s Council soldiers. Without further ado she started barraging them with chains. Lot of chains burst from the ground an each of it pierce every soldier on the ground. While some of them are rooted by the chains Aegina will strike them with her makeshift spear that is created by hardening her chains. Aegina causes too much commotion that she was noticed by Giovanne himself. Giovanne decided to attack Aegina and ordered the other soldier to secure the target and that is the coffin itself.  Aegina who is still busy with the foot soldiers didn’t notice that Giovanne is coming on her. So when Giovanne attacked Aegina by throwing one of his axe. She was left unguarded and will be unable to dodge the attack. Then in a blink of an eye Giovanne’s axe become deflected by a giant black hammer. Aegina was saved by Quartina who arrives just in time.


“For a little girl to block my attack. That was impressive.

“Don’t call me a little girl!


                Quartina’s face becomes serious. Aegina who still angry on what happened argued with Quartina. Aegina told Quartina to go away. This is her own fight do not intervene. Quartina insisted to help her no matter what. Quartina explained that Giovanne is not an opponent that she can defeat alone. With that Aegina gave up and let Quartina help her.


“Thou seem to recover fast Giovanne?! As expected from one who holds a Relic.

“You also have high regeneration rate right? Vampire…



                Aegina started the attack by surrounding Giovanne with chains while she ordered Quartina to circle the enemy find a weak spot and hit him hard. With that Quartina hurriedly moved while carrying the big hammer on her back. It seems impossible for a little girl to carry something enormous and run with it without breaking a sweat but because Quartina is a Land Elf who is famous for their outstanding strength. Giovanne becomes confused because of Aegina distraction. Then while seeing an opening Quartina smashed Giovanne on his back but he suddenly block it with his mighty axe making a large spark and sending Quartina to fall back. Then Giovanne slashes all the chains that is surrounding him in a blink of an eye. Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield the man in the white coat met Celeste. It seems that Celeste is waiting for that guy to show himself. The man in the white coat that is named by the name of Lazarus has an army that is waiting for an order to attack on his back. While on the other hand the only company that Celeste has is Levi. Levi approach Celeste and whisper something on Celeste’s ear. In an erotic way of whispering Levi said that she would deal with the soldier on Lazarus back so he can fight Lazarus freely. With that Celeste agreed on Levi’s proposition and orders her to initiate her plan. While the foot soldiers surround Levi and Celeste. Celeste on the other hand rushed over Lazarus. He crafted a claymore that is two times bigger than himself and rammed Lazarus leaving Levi and the foot soldier.


“I’m trusting those to you Levi.



                While being rammed by Celeste, Lazarus started to retaliate and uses his katana to slice the Claymore that Celeste crafted. With a three strike the Claymore turns into pieces and Lazarus stopped Celeste’s attack. Celeste’s only choice is to fall back first and create another weapon to use. While the both of them are staring each other on the other hand Levi started her rampaging. The beautiful and aggressive Levi turns into a giant black dragon in an instant. Then she started wreaking havoc on the enemy front lines by throwing fireball at them and engulfing them into the flames of the black dragon.


“I guess your companion is getting serious!

“SHUT UP!! Murderer!

“I used to get that a lot… if you know what I mean.


                Celeste drops the hilt of the claymore that he just crafted a while ago and chanted something.


*As I call you, the one who pierce the maiden’s heart. As you plunged your spear on her soul and thrust the blade on her flesh. Let me see again your face, Gungnir.*


                Red winds started to swirl on Celeste as he chants. A blood hungry aura started to arise from his body. As the wind and aura surround him started to grow and become strong. The ground were his feet is standing upon suddenly cracked and the pieces of it flies and disintegrate on the air. And then the tail of the spear suddenly comes out on his left palm. Then he pulls it slowly and slowly until the head of the spear came out. And when the spear came out the wind suddenly break causing a large shockwave that push back Lazarus. After the smoke faded Celeste was seen holding the crimson spear Gungnir on his hand. After that he suddenly fades and then in a blink of an eye he was seen in the front of Lazarus. Lazarus was kinda shocked but he manages to block the first strike that Celeste made. Then Celeste vanished again and he will now make an attack on Lazarus back. Lazarus notices it and counters it by slashing Celeste but Lazarus failed. When he tried to slash Celeste it’s like he slashed a mist at that time. Then when he noticed Celeste pierced the left part of his chest. Celeste twists the spear while piercing Lazarus body and makes a gruesome sound and then when he pulled out the spear a lots of blood gushes out from the wounds that he inflicted. He jumped back and makes a defensive stance but Lazarus on the other hand dropped on his knees because of the last attack that Celeste made.


“It seems that you’ve improved… compared on the last time we’ve met.

“I told you right… that the next time we’ve meet I will kill you with all my might.

“Haha *chuckles* This is good!!! At last a battle where I can enjoy myself again.

“You psycho!!


                When Lazarus stands up he is the one who initiated the attack. While Celeste is still on his guard Lazarus slices his defense with thousands of slashes. Celeste cannot dodge nor block all of them at once so he suffered a minor damage because of that attack. His black clothing becomes sliced in some parts of it. His face got two slices and her arms and shoulder got full of bruises but Celeste is still standing and ready to attack again. On the other hand Quartina and Aegina who are still having trouble fighting Giovanne. It seems that every combination they made are being blocked by Giovanne with ease. Aegina chains on the other hand are not really useful since Giovanne just hack them and the Chains cannot bind Giovanne because of his enormous strength. Then Quartina made a proposal to Aegina that time.


“Lady Aegina… If you don’t mind can I take this guy alone and you go to where is Celeste.

“What the?

“I sense that there is something dangerous that is surrounding Celeste and he needs someone to protect his back.

“What are thou saying. I must protect my sister grave.

“Please Lady Aegina... Don’t worry I will protect with my own life… you must go and check if Celeste is still alive.


                Aegina started to think and then she finally accepted Quartina’s offer.


“You can also apologize to her this way Lady Aegina.

“Quartina… Don’t thou die in here! Understand?!!



                With that Aegina left the battlefield and hurriedly goes towards where Celeste is. With that Quartina is now facing Giovanne alone on the north gate of the city.


“Do you think you can defeat me alone?

“Of course *while stomping her hammer on the ground*

“Hahaha *chuckles* What can a little girl do to me?!! Play doll house?!!

“So you are saying that if I’m a big girl then I can defeat you… Okay then challenge accepted.


                Quartina stomped the tail of her hammer on the ground three times. Then her power suddenly rises then a massive aura started to become visible around her. Then Quartina smiles as she chants some spell that breaks the seals from her body and her trusty hammer. Then Little by little the hammer that she was holding started to show some cracks and light suddenly flashed from those cracks. Then a pulse that can be heard from inside the hammer itself after that the cracks suddenly becomes bigger and bigger and then light illuminated the place. As Giovanne covers his eyes at that moment Quartina on the other hand started preparing for her attack. While he covers his eyes he didn’t know that Quartina is rushing towards him and ready to attac. Then Quartina smashed her hammer on Giovanne’s stomach. Giovanne realized the attack and tries to block it with his axe but it was too late. So when the attack hit him he was thrown far and then he was slammed on some buildings just to stop him for being thrashed out.


“What he hell?!!


                As the dust and clouds disappear Giovanne was surprised on what he just saw a golden hammer and a mature looking girl who is carrying the said hammer. A girl with a voluptuous body and a long brown hair that is looks like the little girl that she was fighting earlier.


“I see!! So that’s it that is why you are hiding your true form! That golden hammer and that strength…

“don’t worry there is no way that you will live to tell the tale.


                The mature Quartina just smiled and started to attack Giovanne. As Giovanne’s axe and Quartina’s hammer strike each other a lot of spark is being made. Then Giovanne’s axe started to crumble little by little. It looks like that the axe itself is corroding. Then on the last hit one of the axe has been shattered into pieces.  The only thing that Giovanne has now is a single axe and the relic that he possessed. On the other hand Quartina now who overwhelms the battle holds an unknown weapon.


“This would be troublesome to fight something like you…

“Oh really…


                As Quartina and Giovanne started to clash again and wreak havoc on everything near them. With their brute strength that if you will be hit by a single strike you will be dead in an instant. On the other hand Celeste who is now being overawed by Lazarus in battle. Lazarus is still slashing away Celeste’s defense and then the crimson spear that Celeste is holding has sent flying by Lazarus. Then when Lazarus strikes Celeste with a finishing blow his katana suddenly flies off. Lazarus back off first and grabs his katana and suddenly laughed.


“I see… I see… so you devour that girl too... Well of course you will do that… Her protective barrier is really outstanding.


“But still… you still didn’t fix that left hand of yours. It can easily fixed you know… but you will just have to-

“Shut up!!!


                With that Celeste summoned another sword and prepares to attack Lazarus but he failed since Lazarus is already in front of his face. Lazarus saw an opening when Celeste tried to summon another weapon and grab the chance to finished Celeste. It seems that Celeste cannot use Aegis while attacking and Lazarus noticed that. So when Celeste started to attack the Aegis deactivated and uses this time to attack but instead of slashing Celeste he slashed another person. The person who blocked the attack and receives the damage was no other than Aegina herself. Celeste saw when Lazarus hack and sliced Aegina into two. The only thing that Celeste can do now is to reactivate the Aegis and catch the upper half of Aegina. Lazarus sense the activation of Aegis and back off for a moment. It seems that he knows how impenetrable the Aegis was and decided to move away and wait for an opening again. On the other hand Celeste who grabbed Aegina and fall down on his knees and call Aegina’s name many times. Aegina’s blood stared to flow on Celeste’s body including his left hand. Aegina who still has a little life within her opened her eyes. Then with the remaining strength that is left on her upper body she raised her hands and holds Celeste’s face. As she look at Celeste’s face and open her mouth and says.


“I’m glad that you are okay… I cannot let you die since I lo-


                Aegina’s hands fall down suddenly. Her eyes and mouth suddenly stop moving. It didn’t even close at that time. Celeste shrugs Aegina’s body many times and she didn’t response. Shouting her names many times with tears on his eyes didn’t do anything at all. Then as her body started to become dust particles that are slowly rising and swaying with the wind Celeste cried. Then when he will hug Aegina the body explodes into billion glowing particles that rises and disappear in front of him. The only thing that he can do is to shout and shout. Then look at Lazarus with a murderous look. A dark aura started to emerge from Celeste’s back his eyes turns into crimson red and his fangs started to grow. Her Horns started to grow long and thick. While being consumed with rage he stands up and prepares to kill the one who killed Aegina, Lazarus.

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