Don't worry.

Don't worry.

A Poem by CodeNameDankNug

Stop! What are you doing?

Quick, someone help stop the beating.

Did you say bleeding, or beating?

Do not resuscitate is what I'm pleading.

Don't be so quick to plan your fate.

It wasn't a quick choice, I begged for help but you came to late.

I'm hear with you now, take my hand, I'll sit by you until you sit with God.

Ha! If god was real, a decade of numbing wouldn't be real. I wouldn't have been a kid with friends dying from pills. I wouldn't have I wouldn't be alone and cold, truly better off dead, anything I touch gets worse, like a cancer that spreads. I feel like a ghost, I want that release, when the soul of the specter, is finally at peace. I want to be free of the burdens that our burned in my head. I have so many issues. Oh f**k I wanna be dead. I'm scared to have kids of my own, if they get the maze I call my brain. Oh f*****g hell Id hate to cause them that pain. Plus my bad karma, I hate my father admitted. I'm pretty sure he hates me as well.My sisters are strangers. My friends and I don't talk. Everything gets worse and soon all falls off. Im the common ground in each little ground. I'm the problem of course. I'm what's aloof. So give my hand back you've made my last moments so much worse. Now let me lay here, let me stare at the clouds. Let me burn out at last.
Don't worry sir you're not right in the head, the paramedics are coming, you are going to be okay.

What you're doing is illegal. "Do Not Resuscitate" I signed it today. F**k you, Ill be seeing you In hell.

© 2018 CodeNameDankNug

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Added on February 5, 2018
Last Updated on February 5, 2018