At the Art Gallery Opening

At the Art Gallery Opening

A Poem by Briana Noël Crane

Inspired from a local art gallery opening I recently went to.

The room was spacious but the space was crowded- bodies poured in like a human flood, nearly all dressed in their finest vestments; Old-money upper-class - pockets lined with fine local investments. The art was lauded, but otherwise inconsequential. Social rounds, achievements flaunted and applauded (if only they knew how inconsequential). I saw the smiles and handshakes, in between darted eyes and clumsy bites of cupcakes, and I wondered the difference between good intentions and social moors... Either way, all the work had already been viewed or ignored, the gourmet fodder was being diminished by the minute (mouths nibbling with quiet greed, yet often left unfinished and discarded- the mark of things given free), and the wayside children sat dejected and bored- yet very few attendees made their way for the doors. Lush old ladies with their lipstick and pearls displayed the etiquette of matured southern women, but wobbled with glasses of matured wine and lemon, giggling like tipsy young girls. I pondered the predicament of the gallery artist - to make such magnificent pieces and work their hardest, not for their creations to be mused and beheld with deep thought, or to be the object of attention as such was their intent, but to instead to be the venue of a social event.

© 2016 Briana Noël Crane

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Added on April 9, 2016
Last Updated on April 9, 2016
Tags: art, society, formalities, observations


Briana Noël Crane
Briana Noël Crane

Danville, VA

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