Beautiful Rain

Beautiful Rain

A Poem by Confidential

Beautiful rain, always making my day.

Where is it you go? I wish that you'd stay!


Whenever your here, most folks stay indoors.

I prefer rain-soaked earth to hardwood floors.

It's raining, pouring, but inside's boring!

It's inside I find myself abhorring .


Sunny skies can be nice, but the rain lets us know:

Sunlight's not the only thing that helps make things grow.

Have we all forgotten? Every so often,

A rain on high tensions sometimes makes them soften.


There was a time, long before this generation

Men would spend countless hours, in pure dedication,

Appealing to their gods for precipitation.

To some they were worthy of great admiration,

Their dancing the subject of much conversation,

Points of pride! -Not to hide from confabulation.


Be it cool morning showers ,or big downpours after hours,

'Tis a gift welcomed warmly by weak, and wilting flowers.

Where is it you go to, beautiful rain?

God knows I can't wait to see you again

Beautiful rain

© 2010 Confidential

Author's Note

I just recently ran across this poem, which I wrote a while back. Definitely not my best work, but as always, please be honest and as harsh as possible when critiquing this piece.


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Posted 6 Years Ago

Wow! Confidential! I loved that!
So dramatic, two words..

Absoultly Wonderful(:


Posted 7 Years Ago

rainy days are the best! nice poem :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

This was very fun to read. I too love rain and you describe the beauty of it perfectly.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love your poem. And I love rain, too. Poems which describe the beauty of nature and make you admire simple things in life are not easily to find.

Posted 8 Years Ago

It's hard to find pieces where people focus on making the less glamorous pretty, but rain is a double edged sword, so it's a great topic.
I'm glad you mention that the poem was written a while back, because it is evident in the couplets. I think we all write in rhyming couplets when we first start off and there is no shame in it :)
The poem could have benefited from simplicity throughout, because words like "abhorring" and "confabulation" are a bit higher up on the vocabulary scale.

"A rain on high tensions sometimes makes them soften" - is "them" referring to "things" mentioned higher up?

Good effort.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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