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Favorite-Character's Club

Favorite-Character's Club

A Chapter by Taylor M.

If all of my favorite characters from different works were thrown together in one small club. WORK IN PROGRESS!


     The room was warmly lit. A dull glow emanated from a lamp in the corner, radiating softly around the small-but-not-too-small space. There was fluffy blue carpeting on the floor, just soft enough so that it wouldn't scrape elbows or knees when someone laid down on it. The walls surrounding the chamber were baby-blue, with several pictures hung up in seemingly random positions. The most noticeable thing about the room was the couch, which was black and stretched from one end of the room to the other against one wall. A large television set sat across from the couch, next to which was a single door and a lamp. The lamp was bright enough to light up the whole space, but not so bright as to cause discomfort. The door, which was simple wood with a shiny brass handle, opened up to a kitchen and other parts of a seemingly normal building. It was in this room, that the meetings of the Favorite-Character Club took place.


     Taylor sighed and tucked a stray piece of her hair behind her ear. The members of the club would be here any minute and she still wasn't ready. There was a bowl of candy on the table, by the couch on the left side, as well as popcorn. Taylor helped herself to a butterscotch as the doorbell rang. She quickly straightened her shirt and walked to the door, having to go through the kitchen first was always a chore, but hey, to each his own. Surprisingly, the Doctor was the one to arrive first.


"Hello! Hope I'm not late!" The Doctor said cheerfully, peering past Taylor's shoulder with a nervous smile.


"Uh, no. Actually, you're the first one here." Taylor corrected him. She backed away from the opening of the door to let him inside. Just then, another male voice sounded from the room behind them.


"Guess again, Doc!" Gabriel called out, sitting languidly on the couch. Taylor rolled her eyes. She really needed to start a 'everybody must go through the door' rule. The Doctor wrinkled his nose at Gabriel before moving towards the room that the Archangel was in. The Timelord sat down next to Gabriel and started twiddling his thumbs, not used to waiting for the others, since it was usually the other way around. Taylor sent one last glance at the two of them before heading back to the kitchen. She hadn't been in the other room for two minutes before the Doctor's distressed voice reached her ears.


"Gabriel! Give me back my sonic! I need my sonic!" Gabriel's laughter could be heard accompanying the Doctor's seemingly English accent.


"Boys! Beh-" Taylor's reply was cut short by a sharp knock at the door. Seeing who it was, Taylor sighed in relief. "Cas, tell your brother to stop being so childish!"

© 2013 Taylor M.

Author's Note

Taylor M.
I am so sorry.

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Added on November 13, 2013
Last Updated on November 13, 2013
Tags: loki, castiel, the doctor, gabriel, supernatural, thor, doctor who, fanfiction, drabbles


Taylor M.
Taylor M.

Surrey, United Kingdom

I am a young writer who wants to be heard. I am a Whovian, and a Sherlockian. I hope you enjoy my writing, because I often get ambarassed by my work. I mostly write about romance, heart-break, suspens.. more..