~1~ Emile

~1~ Emile

A Chapter by Crimson

Basically the Blurb/ explanation- Illustration is my own.


I was two. Two when the world went to s**t. There were wars, wars beyond count, between all  of the countries and all of the governments. Somehow it wasn't nuclear; despite everyone's thoughts. But that didn't stop the bombs, they bombed all the palaces, all the government buildings, all the major cities, everywhere. And so, over the course of three years, the whole system collapsed, country boundaries fell, royal families assassinated, governments scattered or killed. We hit the reset button.

Until the world was split that is, split into six areas, five known orders. Previous 'countries' joined together and people merged to create them. There's :

The First Order- The law- Self-righteous, justice-obsessed- That's where you go to join a government or to be put on trial.

The Second Order- The Trade- the richest part of  the land, the crafters and merchants- Where all of your possessions come from.

The Third Order- The Simples- just living, the normal people- Where people went to try and go back to their normal lives.

The Fourth Order- The Army- all of the worlds armies and police, controlled by the First Order- Where all the military are trained.

And finally, The Fifth Order- The Rebels- separated into districts, each run by a different gang, has it's own system- Stays separate from the other Orders, we don't bother them they don't bother us. A.K.A Best Order ever.

Can you guess where I'm from? I think 'The Rebel Order' is a bit harsh to be honest, we are probably the most organised out of all of the Orders but anyway, you might be wondering why I haven't mentioned the 'Sixth Order', that's because we don't talk about it. But I suppose just for knowledge reasons- the Sixth Order were the spies, they were strangely talented at all things stealth and violence. Some people said it was magic, some people said it was just a trick but everyone was scared of them (even the Rebel Order). Then they 'disappeared' - and, it's all rumours but, I think that they didn't, I think they were sent into hiding, and I think they're beginning to reappear. 

Well, enough of that, lets get back to the story, my story.

© 2017 Crimson

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Reminds me of the hunger games...im not a novelist but if this being your first chapter I would explain the reasons for the wars more in detail perhaps more of a backround to what led to the demise. I would like to read the dark dirty details and decide whos side im on!

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

Thank you for reviewing, if this is something you would consider to continue on with, the details on.. read more
loved this chapter,can`t figure out which order i fit into,,lol

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

haha, me either lol, thanks for reading

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