~2~ Aimery

~2~ Aimery

A Chapter by Crimson

Illustration is my own


Aimery decided that he would never get used to that stench of sweat and obedience that filled his head every morning, he woke deep in the barracks and even though he had his own private quarters, the smell didn't escape him. The window had been left open so everything was frozen stiff, including himself. Dawn was creeping through the sky, slowly, waiting to pounce until it will crash into the sky all at once. The early morning filled the air with dew and cold, making his breath mist and snake, like it itself was a breathing living thing. But he had no time to warm himself up, he knew what was coming. 3....2....1....

'Aim, you up yet! Colonel wants you.' Dan. His Captain- one rank down from him and his childhood friend, his only friend actually.

Why did colonel want him before dawn... his curiosity was cut short by another banging at the door.

'Jeez Dan, I'm comin' alright! And it's major to you.' Then, for the hell of it, he punched back on the door. All that merited was a chuckle from the other side of it.

'The day I call you major outside of protocol will be the day I die'. Prick.

'That day will come sooner if you don't piss of.' And at that- he heard Dan stalk off, it must be serious if even he was on edge.

He pulled on his boots, the dampness surrounding his feet making him shiver, laced them up, shrugged on his jacket and left his room behind him.

He had a sense that he wouldn't see that room for a while, a long while.


© 2017 Crimson

Author's Note

These are going to be short chapters just to start, until all the characters are introduced.

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well as a vet can relate to this chapter

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