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She was at her desk, the swaying room normal to her now as the waves crashed against her ship. The Artis. Sitting here now she could almost pretend that she was still just a merchant's daughter and not the most respected tradeswoman in the business. But she had work to do and the gods wouldn't appreciate her throwing away everything they had blessed her with.
People didn't usually understand didn't relationship with the gods, they think she must have not worked for anything that she has- that it must had been given to her. But that wasn't true at all. She had worked and worked, in any place she could to help out father. Then when she inherited his small business- she turned it into the biggest enterprise across the Orders. And at only seventeen- she had a reputation, she had success.
And then one of my bustling apprentices came smashing through the door into my chambers, sweating and panting. 
"Miss- uh- m'am there's been an issue.". I stood and nodded at the boy to relax.
"What is it, Lucas." She prayed that was his name, apparently so as he continued on.
"There's been a- well uh- a boarding. Some people dressed in white and green jumped aboard and gathered the crew, they're all below and the leaders are awaiting your arrival."
She'd noticed them following her earlier today, it was only a matter of time before they caught her- especially when she saw some very suspicious looking people behind her on the port. She knew she would be arrested- she deserved to be arrested. Maybe this was the gods revenge but she would face it head on- and with dignity.
"All right then Lucas, let's go talk to them." She said with a smile and led out. He followed her to the door then just said quietly, "My name's Jim, by the way.".
"Hello Jim, let's do this." And with that she left her quarters behind for what she thought would be a long time.
Aleia walked onto her deck and faced the line of guards dressed in white and green. She immediately noticed the tall, stern-faced woman in the direct middle. She had dark skin and hair that contrasted beautifully with her sharp white pantsuit. She looked absolutely terrifying. And her voice did not sway my opinion, she purred with a voice like knives and a look that would shred the strongest willed men apart.

"Hello Aleia of Boncliff, i have a proposition for you."

© 2017 Crimson

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well i liked this chapter very much,looks like a great book coming

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thank you, I hope so

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