~6~ The Meeting

~6~ The Meeting

A Chapter by Crimson

Illustration coming soon.. Told from Aimery's pov.


It wasn’t the colonel that was waiting at all- it was a tall, dark skinned lady that emitted this aura of power and cunning, and sitting beside her- the general. He immediately stood to attention, she chuckled slightly and the general told him, “At ease soldier, you may speak freely.”. She was terrifying, in the way that as soon as you meet her you know not to underestimate her- and if you do, then she’ll show you exactly why you shouldn’t have. Then she spoke, and proved to me that I wasn’t wrong, “Aimery Halden, my friend the general here tells me that you’re the best in your regiment. ‘A colonel in the making.’ I think he said.”. He nodded in thanks, as much emotion as he would show in front of this strange woman. She hardly noticed and continued anyway, “I need someone who I can trust, Aimery, but they cannot be known to anyone. I cannot send a general as I need someone who will not be noticed and can fit in with a group of young people. Someone who can make them trust him.”. Why would she need someone like that? Who are these young people? I suppose she could see the questions written on my face as she said, “You will meet them all soon, we still need to recruit one of them yet.” She gestured to the door behind me, “All your bags are by the door waiting, you’ll find a change in your attire is needed also. Where we’re going you’ll need to be invisible.”. I glanced at the general, getting a sharp nod in response as if to say, ‘Yes this is all true.’. So, I stared her down and asked, “Where is that exactly?”.

“To the 5th order, to the rebels. You need to meet your new team, but first- you need to recruit one, a girl, a rebel.”

“What, how!”, rebels were disloyal, cunning, thieving criminals. Not to mention killers, and now I had to employ one. Work in a team with one. “Excuse my tone but this is impossible- how am I supposed to trust a rebel girl. Be in a team with her?”.

The woman just looked slightly amused, “Yes, I suspect she will have the same reaction. But here is her profile, read about her, find out things about her and play your cards right. Then you might have a chance. And please, don’t screw this up.”. A guard dressed in white shoved a file into my hands as she waved her wrist at the door, the guard placed heavy hands on my shoulders and led me out of the room- only pausing to let me pick up my bags that were indeed waiting for me beside the door.

And so, I was led out of the office, then the barracks and finally into a pure white transport rover that started with barely a sound and drove off into the newly risen morning.

© 2017 Crimson

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this is a great story,looks like a great book

Posted 3 Months Ago

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3 Months Ago

Thank you, I appreciate the time you took to read it :)

3 Months Ago

you`re welcome

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