Orange Bag

Orange Bag

A Poem by Sherline Heriveaux Poetry

Curves that life throw
are the same curves that allowed your back to arch,
During long, hot nights,
begging for more.

You were on all fours,
But they were the dogs
that consoled you with promises, diamonds and very tight hugs.

Marry me, make me Queen
That's what you said
You thought marriage would save you
But when one stranger took your hand,
Marriage encaged you, it enraged you.

You were no queen
Just a peasant in distress,
still waiting to be saved, 
No foundation, no education
Just clothes that revealed your woman weapons and a few rapes.

Why your pretty brown eyes don't shine no more?
Your back don't arch no more?
Your sun kissed skin don't glow no more?
Baby number five aint no joke
All dreams blew up in smokes
Blame everybody but you.
You wanna go but life still has its karma claws deep in you.

All you got is your orange bag
Pack it up with overnight clothes
With diapers and baby bottles
It ain't no secret,
Everybody knows
That life don't like you no more.

All you got is your orange bag
Fill it up with regrets
Cry over lost dreams and goals you should've met
Everybody knows you ain't 18 no more
Your breasts and bottom can't save you no more.

Cry in a corner
Say it's all because you ain't never had no mama
No daddy to show you what a real man is
You'll never know what real love is.
What you got to show for being on all fours all your life?
Proof that you did it
Five times to a man who would choose a different wife?

You can't take anything back
The only thing you got is that damn bag
That damn bag
You carry it around
All the damn time
Cause it's bright
Like your future was
And it's nice and full
Like your thighs was.

You let too many men put hands in your bag
Thinking they were gonna give you things you've never had
That damn orange bag,
Fine leather with gold details
It holds alot and the zipper will never fail.

Just carry it on your shoulder,
Like all of your mistakes and burdens.
Carry it all on your shoulders.
And instead of taking the first steps,
Just wait for another to help you start over.

© 2013 Sherline Heriveaux Poetry

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This got me and touched my soul Especially this part"Cry over lost dreams and goals you should have met" It got to me because I do it at all times,you know when I analyze my journey through life so far,the mistakes and regrets,failed plans and misused oppourtunity I cant help but cry out of deep seated self pity. Great piece!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Sherline Heriveaux Poetry

5 Years Ago

Thank you so much for reading Miss Renny. I'm happy it touched you in that way. It's not a you thing.. read more
Poignant and powerful write. A lovely read.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Sherline Heriveaux Poetry

5 Years Ago

Thank you for reading this lengthy piece! Thank you for the review.
¥ay $wagger

5 Years Ago

You are so very welcome.

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Added on June 2, 2013
Last Updated on June 4, 2013
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