A Story by Cyprian Van Dyke

I know what I saw, it was an Unidentified Flying Object, i.e, Idk what it was, but I know it was flying.


A man walks down his street holding his cold green beer bottle. It’s July second, about eleven o’clock at night, and an array of fireworks shoot into the sky into a display of short-lived stars, behind him and to his left, in the distance.


“Excuse me, sir, do you see that orange light in the sky?”


He asks a man moving boxes out his garage into a trailer on a hilled driveway. He drops what he’s doing, walks to him, cautiously, wondering why a possibly drunk man is asking him if he sees a light in the sky. He moves to the side of his house and his eyes follow the man's pointed finger. He sees what looks like a helicopter’s spotlight, but it was red, with a little orange at its center.


“Wow, I saw something like that about an hour ago over there,” he points to his, and the man’s left. “I saw it as it passed (from afar) and as it did, I saw the rest of it, and then its light disappeared (into the night).”


But he didn’t see it from the front, until now. He also tells him about a circular red light, a perfect sphere that he saw coming from the same direction, same neighborhood, about the same time at night, but years ago. He says, there wasn’t even a reflection or a stream of light that caused it.


“I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things,” the man said as he drank his beer.


Another man came out of the garage, saying,


“Maybe it’s a new kind of firework.”

“No,” the two men were arguing.

“It’s been burning too long to be a firework,” says the man at the curve.

“I thought it was a helicopter,” the man on the hill says.

“Well, it’s not blinking,” the neighbor replies. “I thought it may be a drone.”

“Yea, that’s what I thought,” says the man in the garage.

“But, that high?” the man on the hill says.

“Well, that’s the thing,” the man at the curve says, and nods.

“When I was a kid,” the man in the garage says, “we flew a kite and when it went out really far we shone a light up the string, and you could see it in the sky. People called the police when they saw that.”  


As they were talking, the light seemed to turn around, or turn away without turning and the man on the hill and on the curve could instantly tell that it was picking up great speed, even from their distance from it. Then the man on the hill starts shouting,


“Look, look!”


Its light started flickering on and off, as it would speed and break in the gray clouds of the night sky until it just disappeared, within a few flicks, as if it ran out batteries and just died. The man on the hill turns to the one at the curve and says,


“If it’s a drone, how would he know how to land it in the dark?”


The man just shrugs his shoulders, and finishes his beer and says,


“Okay, I’m going to let you guys get back to work.”

“Hey, at least you know it’s not a flying saucer,” says the man on the hill.


After all, that’s what he thought everyone was thinking the whole time, just like he was.


“Well hey, you never know, I’ve seen crazier things,” the man on the curve says as he walks away.


After he parted the man on the hill says to the one in the garage,

“Every time I leave my phone inside something amazing happens!”

Written July 3.2017, after it happened to me July 2.2017

© 2017 Cyprian Van Dyke

Author's Note

Cyprian Van Dyke
This is how I write in my journal lol. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out which of the three men I am. I’m the one with the best view, up on the hill.

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The writer asks: "What made reading this worthwhile for you??"

Competent grammar and format, obvious proofreading and some consideration of the reader is the answer.

The story would benefit from some conflict and an ending that brings some satisfying resolution.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Cyprian Van Dyke
Cyprian Van Dyke

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