Flowering Hope

Flowering Hope

A Story by Willys Watson

Flowering Hope

Though the unfolding event was barely noticed by the majority of passerby a small percentage of people, perhaps because they were socially, politically or philosophically attuned to the same kindred wavelength, took note and perceived it as a worthy, classically adaptable metaphor. Several equated it to a universal symbolic struggle to fight injustice and resist a political climate that seemed to only manipulate the majority through division and diversion because doing so empowered the elitist cartel. And a few others mentally expanded the concept to include assaults on truth and acceptable morals.

But to the wild dandelion plant willing it’s way through a thin crack on a sidewalk in an increasing wave of a concrete and asphalt jungle, it’s motives for doing so could hardly be classified as profound or esoteric. Conditioned by eons of successful evolution, the fledgling plant intuitively only wanted the same fair chance afforded to the other foliage on the planet. Although chastised as a weed by most humans it’s purpose in living was validated when it was allowed to fulfill it’s mission: it’s own contribution to the increase of life sustaining oxygen into an atmosphere needing replenished and, secondary, the producing of flowers that enhanced the chance the pollenation process would continue to ensure edible foods for animals and humans.

An obscure poet, cursed and blessed with both a lack of self-promotion and an instinctive sensibility towards the meanings within a meaning, expanded the boundaries of the metaphor to include a needed and very human cautionary tale of a potential near future catastrophe. In this so-called modern world where immoral and unchecked greed, aided to a lessor degree by both ignorance and indifference from the majority towards the planet itself, he knew we are witnessing the rapid destruction of our own once cherished environment. And to the poet the damningly ironic aspect of the likely outcome is that the handful of hoarders of obscene wealth at the expense of the rest of the population were likely guaranteeing that their own future generations of heirs will inherit nothing of value in a wasteland that was once a healthy, thriving, vibrate orb.

Still, the obscure poet did manage to retain a glimmer of hope from his musings. The little dandelion was symbolically proclaiming to the world, without realizing the glorious significance of it’s determination, that it was not giving in, that it intended to live even if that meant resisting and fighting back against a seemingly stacked deck. And perhaps on some celestial level, the poet silently prayed, the dandelion did understand that all life owes it’s life to nature.

© 2017 Willys Watson

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Added on September 2, 2017
Last Updated on September 2, 2017
Tags: philosophy, metaphor, nature, greed, pollution


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Willys Watson

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