The Magic Doorway

The Magic Doorway

A Story by Willys Watson

The Magic Doorway

George told the carpenter he would be paid his weight in gold if he could build a wall to wall built-in bookcase in his study that included a secret door that opened into a magical world that would give him the knowledge to comprehend the spiritual, philosophical and psychological nature of life. After the carpenter promised him he could do the job he worked through the weekend while George was out of town. When George returned home late Sunday night he rushed into to study to discover that instead of an empty bookcase with a magical door the carpenter had built him a standard wall to wall bookcase and filled it from floor to ceiling with classic and contemporary literature, poetry and volumes on world history, spiritual writings, philosophy and psychology.

The carpenter had vanished without trace except a short note he had hand written on a sheet of typewriter paper and taped to the top of one of the shelves. It read:

‘True knowledge is earned and there are seldom shortcuts in life,

so I’ve provided you with a basic starter kit. And remember that

the pursuit of knowledge is a journey that lasts a lifetime. Lastly,

the only payment I ask in return is that you offer to pass along

what you have learned to others who are receptive and are seeking

their own answers.’


After contemplating the note and weighing the probabilities and possibilities of his reactions to the note George finally selected a book about symbolism written by Carl Jung, turned on the lamp sitting on the table placed next to a high-backed, overstuffed reading chair he had bought for his study, originally purchased as an office decoration, then eased himself into the chair and started reading.

© 2017 Willys Watson

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Added on October 6, 2017
Last Updated on October 6, 2017
Tags: Short story, fantasy, books, knowledge


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Willys Watson

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