When You Want To Do Good, But...?

When You Want To Do Good, But...?

A Story by Willys Watson

A one-page short story.


When You Want To Do Good, But...?

As he approached the building a blond woman, perhaps thirty five, stood just outside the entrance to the front door. When she saw him she smiled warmly with an angelic glow that made him want to confess his sins even though he hadn’t really committed any sins worth noting in many a year.

"If you’re still out here in a half hour I’ll see what I can do to help," he told her when passing within a few feet of where she was standing. She wasn’t begging, wasn’t asking for a handout. And though she was fairly attractive, she wasn’t trying to sell her body. She was simply hoping a passerby would offer a little help and he respected her for this.

"Thank you," she spoke softly, then nodded her head and smiled again as he walked away.

Perhaps her reaction was perfectly natural but what he said to her could have sounded like a line, the kind of line, in various forms, she’s probably heard many times before and he wondered how faithful to his word she expected him to be. And he really couldn’t blame her if she harbored an occasional doubt because a lot of men, after all, have made promises to women they didn’t intend to keep.

He was actually outside the store within twenty-five minutes and was happy she was still there. And as he stood before her he instinctively reached into his front pocket while she offered the same angelic smile. And while returning her smile what he felt in his pocket suddenly seemed fully inadequate to him.

So he pulled his wallet from his rear pocket. However, an instant spiritual dilemma arose after quickly inspecting it’s contents. It became a problem because he had paid for his groceries with a debit card. What he found in his wallet was no bill smaller than a ten.

He instantly concluded he had two options, the first of which was to run back into the store and ask a cashier for change for a larger bill. But that smile, that angelic smile, compelled him to reconsider the first option. So what else could he do but fold up the ten dollar bill and drop it through the slot in the lid of the red bucket swinging under it’s tripod stand?

Sometimes the right kind of intentions, augmented by the right kind of smile, will encourage a man to go beyond just doing good. And as he pushed his shopping cart to his truck he wondered if she even realized the effect her smile had on certain people?

© 2017 Willys Watson

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Added on November 30, 2017
Last Updated on December 3, 2017
Tags: goodness, charity, humor


Willys Watson
Willys Watson

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