In A Day's Work

In A Day's Work

A Poem by D. Connolly

A "demanding" woman kicks her husband to the curb!


Good morning my love!

Did you catch some good Z's?

Get yourself up

And I'll make our coffees

Can you take the trash out?

Oh, I know, I'm so cruel

Don't worry, I'll do it

After I get the kids off to school

I've had a long day at work

Babe, can you cook?

I want to sit down

And wipe the dust off my book

No? Well can you do the dishes

That are filling our sink?

I'm preparing our dinner and

Well, they're starting to stink

Oh, thanks!  You took the dog out!

Did you pick up the poop?

After you took her out last time

I stepped in it, OOPS!

I need you to vacuum

While I fold the laundry

OK, you're tired

Then just watch the TV

I need to shower...

Can you get the kids into bed?

Don't complain of the stories

You've read and re-read!

Fine... I'LL do it again

just turn out the lights

No need to argue

I don't want any fights

I'm really too tired

To tumble in bed

My feet are swollen

And there's an ache in my head

Oh, the whining, good grief!

You're like a small boy!

I'm not your slave

And I'm not your toy!

I've gotta get up

I've one more thing to do

I'm packing your bags

It's not me, it's you

© 2016 D. Connolly

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Nice ending to this day. Help or leave. I do understand this. Thank you my friend for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 9 Months Ago

D. Connolly,
Yup very good ending to your excellent "in a day's work" ..............."I'm packing your bags. It's not me, it's you." This final relationship swan song just speaks for itself and it comes as a relief to see the pain end. Now is Hope your Allie for the future. bless you brave lady!! Kathy

Posted 1 Year Ago

Heh-heh, Yeah, I don't blame you for taking off. With clever and amusing words (That rhyme!) you tell of what must a very common occurrence.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

Thank-you for your comment! So many people think this is funny that it is more common than I had ho.. read more
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Work as a team or get subbed. An easy rhyming read which was enjoyed by this visitor

Posted 1 Year Ago

D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

Thank-you for stopping by! I appreciate the review :)
This is comical in a way but sadly true in some marriages. Valentine

Posted 1 Year Ago

D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

It is funny in a way, but if it is someone's reality it's frustrating! I learned (much later than I.. read more
some men and leeches, what do they have in common??? both suck the blood and life out of you.... while it is written in a humorous way, this story is far from funny and is all too common as well as in todays world making a big come back....

a suggestion, after kicking his arse to the curb, change the locks and get a security system ;0)


Posted 1 Year Ago

D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

Yes! Thank-you for reading :)
This situation seems very common.... wonder whats going on ?? anyway, your account of it is very well expressed, I was getting tired just reading it!

Posted 1 Year Ago

D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

Thank-you for the review! :)
Ha! The last line...yes! easy rhyming and humour. Marriage is a team effort. Loved it. R xo

Posted 1 Year Ago

D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

That's a bit selfish woman, the guys had a tough day. And you are good at the old multi tasking lark.
See when you say you're packing my bags. Does this mean we're going on holiday, because i meant to tell you, i'm going with the boys. Maybe come back a new man. Just like you wanted.

Posted 1 Year Ago

D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

haha, you are a trouble maker :)
Fantastic! For a moment I thought you may have been looking in my window and taking notes. This perfectly describes my Ex and I should've packed her bags long before she could and would put me into a life altering situation. I learned the hard way but that's why I was able to relate to your poem . Loved it.

Posted 1 Year Ago

D. Connolly

1 Year Ago

thank-you! I'm glad you can relate; I think we've all been there at least once

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D. Connolly

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