The day in November

The day in November

A Story by D Connolly

My memories of meeting David


It was November and the chill in my soul was leaving

I had emptied myself of pain and begun to fill

The cavernous spaces within

With happiness and new life

I could finally hear the birds singing

You held a door for me; my first memory of you

Some days later

Offered me a smile

I was quite astonished that such a nice man

Would even see me

I didn't dwell on the fantasy

Just a whimsy, nothing more

And then your coat was offered the day it rained

A kiss on my cheek was stolen in a friend's kitchen, like a child

I began to thaw in the winter heat

And you charmed me like a gentleman on the first date

Taking our time

Making sure the bond was more than fancy

Meeting the parents

Then building a life with each other

Always laughing

Always good natured

Talking through issues

Practicing trust

And as we watched the sun set by the bridge

I told you a story of it's history

Completely made up but very romantic

Turning to me, you asked me to be your wife

In two days we will say our vows

And promise our futures to each other

And I've never been so happy

Or so at home

Or felt such peace

As I do when I'm with you


© 2016 D Connolly

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D. connolly,
"The day in November"
"It was November and chill in my soul was leaving" What a beautiful first step leading into this gradual process of love's entrance. Yours and a to be husband.
Something I really liked in this story was the perfect timing of the relational onset. Not to early or late."I had emptied myself of pain and begun to fill the cavernous spaces within within with new happiness and life. I could finally hear the birds singing. Even if this above beauty was brought on by love's sunshine that's way cool too.
Anyway I loved entering into your blessed story.
Also the moment by moment is felt in your writing, it somehow is felt. Really good.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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D Connolly

1 Year Ago

Thank-you so much Kathy! I haven't read this one in a while, and it brought me right back *sigh*read more
Kathy Van Kurin

1 Year Ago

Very nice to see this. Then to say vows shortly after. so cool! Nice to be reminded of these bright .. read more


God's blessings on you and yours. Wishing you years of happiness. A very sweet write. Valentine

Posted 2 Years Ago

D Connolly

2 Years Ago

thank-you so much! :)
sounds like a wonderful match---good luck---and this is a beautiful poem that might be read at your wedding...


Posted 2 Years Ago

D Connolly

2 Years Ago

That's so nice, thank-you :) We are doing our wedding pretty old school. Under an oak tree by our.. read more
jacob erin-cilberto

2 Years Ago

that sounds lovely D.

and all you need, really...just the two of you.
Wow !!!
this is so sweet and romantic...
i like the way you represented your feelings and emotions which flow around deeply with much accuracy... so nice to read a story within a Poem.... I always try that, you might have noticed.
I enjoyed it... beautiful fragments joined together to give a feeling called love....
May your relation continues forever...and a little more than forever.................

Posted 2 Years Ago

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D Connolly
D Connolly

Bradenton, FL

renaissance woman. more..


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