The Little boy is me

The Little boy is me

A Poem by Dalebear

Little boy born in a home of pain

Where his life is was such a shame

Born to a mother and father that hated him to

To a life of abuse is due

All the pain he suffered since the day

His name wasn’t safe to say

But time goes on he is now one

A year of abuse that already gone

If you knew the fear he holds

The truth would never be told

Little boy now turns two

His parents already battered black and blue

His eyed swelled up that bad he couldn’t see

All he wanted love and the monsters to leave him be

He felt so much emotion that turned him numb

As day turn to night he cuddles up to his teddy and sucks his thumb

Waits for his father and mother to go to bed

Even though it past his water shed

Morning comes it all starts again

Wishes the monsters today be tame

The little boy sits on his cold hard floor

Waiting for his daddy to open the door

As it 8 belt whippings every day and night

Has he wait he squints his eyes so tight

The belt stings and burns his back

As he feels each and every whack

But he never stops thinking of the pain and the dreams

But he only hears his inside screams

Next year he turned three

Yet another year of despair and misery

Monsters have new plans up their sleeve

Humiliate the little boy and make him plead

Plans was to drown him this time in the water that murk

Unfortunately it didn’t work

As he started think it getting worse each day

It the time to ask for help and pray

Days went by he wanted for his guardian angel to arrive

She whispered him it time to take a stride

To that front door

Or it to late you won’t live to be four

So he ran and tried to reach the handle of the door

But he couldn’t reach it and cried so more

He had an idea that came to his head

To use shoe to hook it and open instead

So he managed to open and ran

Started to yell and hopes someone hears to help

Then he father came out seen the little boy

He kicked him down

And kicked his ribs and crown

But then someone finally heard

They passersby phone the police and told them ever word

If you wanted to know the little boy is me

And 10 years on I can’t forget the pain and misery






















© 2011 Dalebear

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Added on August 7, 2011
Last Updated on October 9, 2011



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