The World As It is

The World As It is

A Story by Daniel

Everyone's average no better than the other handing pass me down judgment onto someone they don't even know it's a a cruel world rats and snakes behind every fake smile ever smirked liars and killers coming together before the ones claiming to be honest and free I don't say the word hate much but I hate our world and it's funny it's our world but no one wants to share but speak upon being equals just to please us but where is your faith and holiness behind close doors and you speak of a God like he or she you worship doesn't see you at all times I know everyone feels accomplished at times but how can you feel satisfied with yourself when you haven't lived free, you haven't been truly happy, and you work just to put enough gas in your car to go back to work I don't care about news or what's going on around me cause it's around me not to me and that's the attitude we all have only fake justice riots and public humility because this happened to my color gets under everyone's skin I'm a lone wolf who cares for which is suppose to be my pack we can't love because of what we learned and see we can't be friends because of my family teachings and past events we can't all come together because you let someone brain wash you into thinking your better than someone else and if that's true then why isn't no one bowing at your feet I can't stress how much it hurts inside to see our world but I still try because it's ours and we can take it forward or keep it spiraling downwards it's up to the ones who care to make a change not like Martin Luther King, not like Abraham Lincoln, not like Moses but better where memories of evil never exist and history doesn't repeat where we rely on all to help and support let's earn our world since it's the best thing handed to us let's make anew

© 2016 Daniel

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Added on October 28, 2016
Last Updated on October 28, 2016



Peru, NE

Im Daniel im 25 started writing at 7 just to pass time but really started feeling my work. more..

Mom Mom

A Poem by Daniel


A Poem by Daniel