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Phenomenal Man

Phenomenal Man

A Poem by Terrell A. Pullen

A spin off to "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelo

Most men in the world see me as a threat
They hide behind their rims
The chains on their necks
All I use is my God given things
My powerful mind
My ears without rings
My manly voice comes out and sings
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

Walk in a room
Girls like to stare
Not because of my grill
Or my wavy hair
I don�t spend a lot of money
And my wrist don�t shine
Still every woman in the room is looking hard
They want to be mine
It�s because of the light I hold in me
The love for God in my heart
The power of the Lord that�s with me
They look my way
A true man of God they see
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

Ladies sitting
Thinking to themselves
What is it about this guy?
He doesn�t claim to be the king
Doesn�t claim to be fly
They want a man like me
But don�t know why
Cause I don�t ride spinners
And I don�t get high
I say
It�s my manly stance
My responsible soul
My faith and love for God
That�s what makes me a man
The strength of my arms
The power of my mind
The depth of my soul
That�s why they look so hard
Getting next to me is their one true goal
Look deep into my eyes
That�s when they see
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

Now you can see
I don�t have to boast or brag
Tell lies
Or show off the things I have
God made me who I am
And in God�s name I shall stand
God made me man
So a man of God I shall be
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

© 2008 Terrell A. Pullen

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This is awesome. I love that poem by Maya Angelou. And you know what? Not all women are looking for anything but what you say you have in this poem. Loved this.

Posted 9 Years Ago

And the prize goes to....YOU! I love that poem. I love Maya. I've attempted to pay tribute to her with a poem of my own but it is kindergarten compared to this piece. Bravo!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 4, 2008


Terrell A. Pullen
Terrell A. Pullen

South Holland, IL

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