The Love of Father

The Love of Father

A Story by Dayran



Tinkerbell … in J.M. Barrie's classic … Peter Pan … is the quintessential father of modern times. Its an unlikely portrayal … but its also the path to the truth … in discovering the adonais … God … and the heavenly father. I'll have to resort to an old excuse … in stating that … and simply tell the reader … he has good reasons for doing that … trust me. I hope that works … because I have no other way of saying that. For in stepping into the goodfaith and goodwill of that remark … the reader will someday understand why its so.


A man drowning out at sea … ought to be held down … when being rescued … otherwise he'll pose a serious threat to the life of the rescuer himself. In much the same way … an individual in the throes of life's challenges … is handed a piece of beef jerky to chew on … and would be considered far too early for a seat at the banquet of life's discoveries. He's likely to throw up. And its important that he understands that … for the progress he's making towards the achievement of self understanding.


In the great quest of life … we have to necessarily hold down the physical impulses of the body … while we apply ourselves to knowledge and learning. The body … in the restrains of self control … pines deeply for its loss of relations with the all … and will in an auto impulse of its dynamics … cause the life force to leave the body … if it thought it had come to see the father. It may lack the faith in the slow methodical process of the mind … in taking a paced development of its understanding.


In extreme cases … it may cause death. But in variations of the experience … the individual is likely to feel like … ' life is outside the body ' (1) … and to cultivate a relations with the body … that is a rejection of the body's purpose … and view it as weak and shameful. ' The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak ' … is an adage the man in society cultivated … to explain his position. But it is possible to call that a cop-out … when we go beyond the mere excuses of the passions. There are others … who will wholly deny the physical experience of life … and say … ' its none of this.'


Its here that the heavenly father comes as … God … to account for the mysterious nature of the experience … and be a friend to man. In time our relations with God … grows too familiar … and may border on the contemptuous. At that point … the object of God … transforms into the Adonais … a child … who finds that all the individual has been referring to as the awesome experience of life … is really a storm in a teacup. The Adonais brings to the man thereafter … a redefined condition of life … that moves our view of it from the Gothic … to modern times.


It is thereafter possible to move from the child to … what Barrie described as Tinkerbell … a pixie or fairy … that is out of the context of the body … and is experienced as a tiny ball of light. It is the most complex tiny ball of light the individual would experience … and in some sense … represents a different dimension of experience … like the contents of a black hole. And until science brings to us … a valid explanation of the phenomenon … based on empirical data … we are forced to relate to it … in a personal account.


At IJODR … the International Journal of Dream Research … we continue to encounter comments by the conference speakers like … ' before the men in white coats come to cart us off ' … in apparent reference to the content of these researches. No doubt … scientists grapple with the issues … in much the same way that the lay individual does … and waiting for a word from science … may be a long one. I refer to it … in the passion's context as … Orion's son … whose dutiful sense of the relationship with father … dismisses the possibility of any individual initiative. But is instead awed by the profound nature of man's ascendant nature to his forebears … and with the authority of institutions.


On the rare occasion … when an individual breaks away … he is faced with dealing with the whole world of views and opinions … with regards to what's normal. Its a tremendous task … and must occupy the love the individual … feels for life and man. And he is obliged to deal with it alone. Too often we form clubs and societies … because we miss the companionship and goodwill of others … but that merely serves to isolate our views … and turns into an … us and them confrontation … to which the Reverend Jones and the Guyana experience … is an extreme example.


The fact is … what's out there is … a free gift of nature … open to all men … and not Wall Street … or the King's men … may deny an individual's right to the dignity … of relating to the world freely. Tinkerbell … comes as a companion to such a man in … individualization. There are other variations in these times … but I figure Tinkerbell is a common experience. Besides the considerable indications of the full content of her experience … she also represents … mother … important to the child in the learning individual.


We observe a trend in the workings of nature … that has extended itself over the ages … of the same development in the lives of society. The last 2000 years is especially significant … and a review of the socio-cultural timeline of the period is very revealing. There's a Barrie for every period or a Lewis Carroll or a Jean Paul Sarte. Each time the forms change … in line with our cultural perceptions … and it brings it closer to the individual experience. I work with a … Siva … guide that isn't quite Tinkerbell … and he gives me the impression … that I have a great a*s.


Indic culture … all over the world … presents a face that is hospitable and accommodating … and helps avoid the awful sense of sociopathy in society. It pursues the possibilities of a merge with science … but may need help with it … from a Western source … to overcome its own garble of self righteousness. I find that relevant in these times … and a close alliance with western studies has helped me overcome my isolation. I hope it has helped the Westerner as well.


(1) ... The Legend of Krishna, Nigel Frith, Abacus 1976

© 2016 Dayran

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So many have experienced this I cannot say with assurance what all of them felt But of the few that have written of it that I have read they all seem to believe that they are but a small part of a big whole. While we are too tiny to comprehend the enormity opf the universe or its purpose. i simply like to believe our purpose is to create and nurture a better version of us with each rendition of the soul Passing the best of ourselves to the next and so on In the hopes that we will be remembered Fondly.

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1 Year Ago

hi TM! ... good to hear from you.
Tate Morgan

1 Year Ago

Nice to be back

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