A Story by Decidious wind

This piece of writing, again, is to mock those who believe a female should always be pure and that if she has imperfections then she should conceal them.

Dear humans. Grow up! You are not the only hygenic creatures out there. In fact, we the pliedians have been practicing hygiene for longer than the existence of humans. We have been given the lagniappe of a well groomed facade. Have you ever raised your diminutive heads to the heavens? Probably not. But if you have, then you must’ve watched us bathe. In the seraglio of the stars, we are showered in summery meteors. Whenever the sky wafftures her goodbyes to the morning, comes our turn to rinse off the morning mold.

The tintinabulation in the sea of pearls is an indication that we, like you, are purified. Purity is a measure of our dignity. You imbeciles; you prefer us blue because your backward/modern science states that a blue star is a young one… and we all know how you humans prefer things “young”. To you, young is pure. Young is untouched. And old; well, it’s the exact opposite.

Because of you, we have resorted to masquerading. Everything that is visible to the eye is a mere illusion. We’ve been doing this for milleniums… just so… we could satisfy your unbelievable expectations. Unfortunately, we eventually grow old. With age, masking away our imperfections becomes even more difficult than it already is, because our light dims and it’s awfully challenging to brighten a dimming star!

Oh moon of fate, you dumb b***h! Why the f**k does our dignity have to be revelled with a human’s preference!? Don’t you know that they’re bi-polar and that their taste constantly changes? Hell, their joke of a planet perfectly represents their unbalanced nature. If I were you, I would alter the laws of the universe to make their fate dependent on ours. I would make them suffer in solitude like I and my sisters have.

My patience has lost patience! We, the pliedians, have decided to rebel against the moon of fate. For too long, we’ve believed that that b***h is undefeatable. Guess what… she isn’t. Why do we fear her? She is no God. She isn’t some sort of powerful deity. She is nothing more than a sadistic bully who finds comfort in the distress of others.

Die! Die you worthless w***e! If you are to die, ever… then it would be by my hands. If not, then by the hands of the grudge that everything holds against you. Be it pledian or human.

© 2017 Decidious wind

Author's Note

Decidious wind
I completely understand if this piece makes no sense. I just want you to enjoy it and if you don't then please be honest

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The story is passionate and the language is as always wonderfully fluid and poetic.

Posted 1 Year Ago

This legitimately gave me goosebumps. It really makes one think about the true value of something. What matters more? The subjective value people place on something, or the objective value it has in the universe? I love it!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Decidious wind

1 Year Ago

Yes and that is exactly what i meant to convey throught this short story
nail on the head ...
it is that which catches one's eye most see as imperfection when in fact it is the rest that doesn't match.
great visual ... honest raw indictment

Posted 1 Year Ago

your writing style has a very addictive tone. once I started reading, I found it impossible to stop. Keep up the good work!

Posted 1 Year Ago

You are a talented writer. You create strong story line and powerful story.
"Die! Die you worthless w***e! If you are to die, ever… then it would be by my hands. If not, then by the hands of the grudge that everything holds against you. Be it pledian or human."
The above lines. My favorite. I believe you get what you deserve. Thank you for sharing the amazing story.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on May 21, 2017
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Decidious wind
Decidious wind

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