A Chapter by Beckuuuh Grossack

Ashley has to leave her life in London behind and head to Montana for her safety

I took my seat on the academy’s jet, and looked out the window that was to my right. The sun was starting to rise. I pulled the shade down and leaned back in my seat as they flight attendants started over the crap about flight safety. 

My name is Ashley Tiffany Bacida by the way, and I am anything but normal. that’s because I’m a royal moroi. And your probably wondering what a moroi is right about now. 

Moroi is one of the three kinds of vampires in my world. 

1. First let me explain moroi, they are the good kind of vampires, and they can each control one of the four elements water, fire, earth or air…wait scratch that, five spirit. The fifth one was just recently found out. Yes we can go out in the sun but it feels really uncomfortable. Yes we drink blood, but not much.

2. Then you have Strogoi, they are evil down to the core. They are not like Moroi at all. They can not control any of the elements, and they can not go into the sun other wise they burn. How ever to see perfectly in the dark. They are also faster and stronger. They are soulless hunters. They drink to kill, to prefer to drink Moroi blood.

3. And last but least, there are dampirs. They are half moroi half human. They can go in the sun without a problem and they don’t have to drink blood. They are trained to protect moroi from Strogoi.

Oh yah back to about me, I’m a sixteen year old empath and telepath…it comes from the fact that I’m a spirit user. My life, has been insane and hectic, but hey everyone has a story and I’m still living mine…and look at me ramble, erm back to the story you go…

© 2011 Beckuuuh Grossack

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Added on March 19, 2011
Last Updated on March 22, 2011
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Beckuuuh Grossack
Beckuuuh Grossack

Oakland Gardens, NY

ok so here to about me: im weird, love to talk to my besties and etc etc etc blah blah blah ;) so wanna be a filmmaker/editor when i get older. and just resently that i can actully write soz ima use t.. more..