A Poem by Summer D.

These are mornings.



A splitting headache.

I roll out of bed.

 Not quite knowing; vulnerable instead.

Last week's laundry sits untouched, piled artistically.

I'm sure my notebook is somewhere in there.

A slow stumble to the shower.

 I rest my head against diamond tile, cold water beating gently.

Wrapped in a towel I blink through bleary eyes. 

Faded numbers decorate my wrist.

Were they important?

Phone rings!

 I breathe a stream of curses�" Fire.

Feigning interest in pointless conversations my mind dawdles. 

An unfinished sketch catches my eyes. 

Luster lacking. I fold the paper beneath my callused palm.

Inspiration is easy to find.

Somehow I end behind a counter�" my voice several octaves high. 

Barely registering my sharpie stenciled name along a glossy tag.

Ignoring clumsy teenage boys that glance my way. 

At least cleaning gives me something to do.

The day smooths down to a gentle current.

Drumming my slender fingers to the hand of the second clock. 

The tinkle of a bell lifts my chin.

I hesitate.

He saunters over carefully and eyes me with a curious look.

To my name tag and back we stand awkwardly.

With a light laugh he looks to the menu and back. 

I grow tired of games.

Words line up in an orderly fashion.

My lips part, my tongue shifts, and my eyes shine brighter.

A lazy smile paints its way, short strokes, then longer.

More violent. 

More bolder.

A smirk replaces the smile.

"Good Morning."

And just like that.

Monday evenings were never the same. 

Summer D.

Also Known As: Aisha_U

© 2012 Summer D.

Author's Note

Summer D.
I apologize for tripping and face-planting into a pile of dirt.
Rolling off that pile of dirt into a rocket launcher and getting shot of to mars.
Phone reception was really bad on Mars so it took awhile for me to patch through to Superman.


Lol. This is such an undramatic return, but I found it rotting on my computer two days ago. I almost cried a little bit. I miss writing poems.

These are mornings. :)

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Oh to be a student - really enjoyed this portrait of the day after the night before. Loved the faded writing on the arms. Clever writing , good flow - only one niggle - can you say ' more bolder' think its more bold or just bolder, but I'm not an english teacher so I could be wrong. Great write - thanks for posting

Posted 6 Years Ago

If you miss writing, then I do say, GET SOME WRITES FINISHE- erp, I mean, work on some new writing :3
Hm, I liked the clever turn from exasperated to giddy. Well done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Summer D.

6 Years Ago

Hey, Hey. No need to yell, haha. :)
Swamped with course work at the moment.
Working on .. read more
Tai Ryens

6 Years Ago

Well, good luck to you.
All completely true, as says Ami down there. Oh she says she is coming to visit? I'll stuff myself into her luggage. *shh* And cookies? Psshht. I'll bring chocolate ice cream cake!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Summer D.

6 Years Ago

Let's do this. ;)
One word:
True :)

Well written my friend :P
Next time you go to Mars, I'm visiting XD

Posted 6 Years Ago

Summer D.

6 Years Ago


And bring cookies. D:
Mars doesn't have cookies.

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