A Poem by Dennis N. K

Deeply in love with someone and decided to write her a poem.



Like a river, my love for you flows,

Its destination only is known to the mouth bed,

Like sunshine, my love for you shines,

Its warmth only knew the skin,

The thought of it leaves my body paralyzed,

Like a rose flower, your love for me outs all,

Not caring about the painful stings, my hands reach out,

Not knowing the outburst, my mind tries to dig it out,

Not concerned of my unpleasant pride, my heart gives all,

Nevertheless, the most scrupulous question went unanswered by my soul.

 At the deepest sea my heart sank, no one to save me,

At the deepest desert, my throat groaned, no one to quench me,

At the deepest pit, my eyes lost sight, no one to provide light,

Then suddenly, someone became my guardian angel and saved my heart,

Someone became a quencher and quenched my throat,

Someone became light and my eyes were able to see,

She became everything to my unsatisfied heart. 


My heart yearns and waits, for the day,

Slowly trusting the unknown, not knowing the dangers,

Giving everything I have, not informed of her concern,

Loving her than anything else I have, not aware of her reaction,

Is she the base I was looking for because I am sure am the acid?

Agreeing to the mixture is the risk I will take,

Not caring about the explosion or the damage to occur.


Choosing her became the best decision I ever took,

Approaching her became the best memory I preserve,

The beauty in her eyes drove me away the first day I ever saw her,

The immeasurable warmth she gives is heaven given,

The smile on her face, you can confuse her with an Angel,

Her body curves drive me crazy; I bet God made them on a holiday,

She is my twinkle star, always smiling on me from above,

When with her I feel safe because she is my guardian angel,

She is the only one I love.

© 2017 Dennis N. K

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the last stanza is great go with your heart always

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Dennis N. K

10 Months Ago

Greatly appreciated the time you took to review this
If you're going to read this to a girl you love, I would leave out the "what if" and questions part. Girls dig confidence. Other than that, reading this to her will probably get you laid. Be prepared.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 10 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Dennis N. K

10 Months Ago

thanks man
Darkly Loving

Great Read


Posted 10 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Dennis N. K

10 Months Ago

thanks for the review

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Dennis N. K
Dennis N. K

Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

I love doing artistic works related to languages but moreover I write poems regarding to the way I feel romantically. more..

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