A Poem by Dennis N. K

Today my heart officially finds someone to break it apart.

Sited at my parents house, heard a phone call,
My Uncle it was calling my mama with some instructions,
For me to get to his house with a tea flask,
Night had already crept with a dully, angry face.

Quick I took to my heels for the rains were calling,
From a far I heard their thundering voice roaring,
Almost to his gate my eyes caught sight of two peculiar figures,
One seemed familiar but the other I lost memory of him.

It suddenly struck my mind that it looked like my girlfriend,
Girlfriend? I don't know if I call her that or Ex- girlfriend,
Wasn't sure but it is exactly where we used to stand once,
Never minding since I was in such a hurry, I went in to my uncle's gate.

Gave my aunt the tea flask and she put tea in it,
Ready I was to take my leave now, so I said my byes and left,
Opened the gate and looked again to where the two were,
Seemed like I was gaining conscious of one figure.

Standing there seemed like a century, waiting for them to conclude,
Are they now holding hands? questions started flowing in my head,
I was not even thinking any longer, my heart started running a marathon,
For now it dawned to me that my fears were now fully conformed.

Finally! they finished talking and the guy departed with a good night too,
Didn't wait for him to even get ten metres away started heading her way,
Shocked she was by seeing me for I caught her red-handed and it was a blow,
Quickly she tried to open the gate but fortunately for me the key jammed.

I called her low and told her to wait for me,
What she told me struck through my heart like lightning,
She said "Who are you for me to wait?" my legs paralyzed at once,
I slowly curled myself with shame and walked away...

How could I be so blind not to see it coming?
Questions shattered my head like broken glasses,
Crying myself a river, eyes turned red hot burning like an ember,
Consolation is all i need for my loss and the shattered heart broken apart.

© 2017 Dennis N. K

Author's Note

Dennis N. K
It is with deep sorrow that I announce to you the death of my love to that girl (Noreen)

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I am sorry for your loss. The imagery in this poem is very descriptive and poignant. I enjoyed it very much.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Added on November 7, 2017
Last Updated on November 7, 2017
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Dennis N. K
Dennis N. K

Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

I love doing artistic works related to languages but moreover I write poems regarding to the way I feel romantically. more..

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