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Crushing My Fear

Crushing My Fear

A Poem by Joshua Design

There is a lot of underlying meaning to this story. Let me know your take on it.


This morning I stepped outside to absorb the low sun's red rays.

Cool October wind, that smelled like a childhood Halloween night, dissolved the smoke from my cigarette into crisp air.

The relaxing moment that would have typically made me feel a joyous optimism for the day ahead, was tinged with a guarded paranoia.

That beautiful instance was disturbed be a swelling, irrepressible nervousness.


A strange bug was creeping, seemingly with intent, in my direction.

Objectively speaking, the critter was completely harmless- struggling, even, to overcome obstacles that a human would just see as a leaf underfoot.


However, some irrational fear whispered that the insect would take flight and swarm me- completely impervious to my flailing and swatting.

The thought of it incessantly buzzing around my face in a maniacal attack mode was too much to bare.


And at that flustered, panicked thought,

I killed the bug.

© 2012 Joshua Design

Author's Note

Joshua Design
All comments are greatly appreciated.

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Added on October 6, 2012
Last Updated on October 6, 2012
Tags: bug, fear, irrational, death, pverty, government, little, voice, sacrifice, peace