Logic's Affair

Logic's Affair

A Story by Broken Desires

It's a short story written in first person (my first time). The story is about the creation of one of my character's named Iris.

What is logic? A reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. A system or set of principles underlying the arrangements of elements. Logic is neither love nor desire. There is no sense of hate or sadness. No must, no buts, no if's or or's. Lust and wealth have no meaning no place. I am Logic. What is Overseer? A person who oversees others. What is Judge? An official to decide a case, to form an opinion or conclusion. I am all but then I am one. My mind is a collective pool of shared consciousness. I am one but we are all. When I say day, I mean now and when I say night, I mean now. Within these confides that seal my very being, day and night have no meaning. Sunrise and sunfall are one in the same...and yet. Today as in now, I see the sun rise over the city of gold. It's beauty in a sense of everything average had struck a spark within my astral form. Form? A visual shape or configuration. Form? 

Shades of blue had accumulated into a hue of sapphire. The slim streaks of white breaking apart into veins that stretched out to form separated limbs in which I had counted five. Having a form is unnecessary and yet I find myself manifesting hands. I did not build them to admire them but to admire what lied within them. A world of gold showed a woman of silver. She has a voluptuous figure embraced with obsidian locks. Perfect skin with orbs that trapped all those that dared to give her a second glance. Undoubtedly  I gave her a second glance and within my own span of time  became bewitched by her appearance. What more did she have to offer, I questioned as I rose my hand to get a better look. What words could possibly describe this woman, this creature of magnificence. She was a goddess. She was a queen. Her life where would it lead? I questioned as I looked to my other hand that had merged with the other. Curiosity took me as I  created a sea to see her  past present and future. 

Does she not age? Does she not tire? Mortal or other, what is she? My questions began to grow and as they grew so did unnecessary desires. My brothers my sisters all awoke from their slumber as my consciousness became mingled with meeting the woman. I, an omnipotent being wishing to seek an audience with a mortal, if that was what she truly was became the roots of my despair. Frustration, temptation, desire, and lust had accumulated from within my core. It gave life to a sphere of silver that matched the woman's eye to the tee. It throbbed like a man's heart and gave me emotions that I dared not show to those that awoke from suspicions. How? How could I keep these desires hidden? How must I persuade my fellow siblings that it is not I, but the creature producing such strong emotions. 

Time for me was still so even if a decade went by I would still have time, but for her? My beautiful creature had aged while I battled myself with wants and needs. Gray hair had taken what obsidian she had left and her eyes had faded into a dim gray of hate and bitterness. Her appearance had become flawed and yet this sphere of mine continue to beat the same tune of desire. I had but only one choice. No. I gave myself one choice. I gave the woman infinite beauty. I blessed her with the power of youth; to restore her in which I had previously found her in. My delicate mortal, oh how she brimmed with happiness. How I brimmed with happiness. My sphere of silver grew more and more with each passing day that she lived. Before I knew it myself I was plagued with the things Logic shouldn't have been. My emotions thrived like shooting stars. They awakened each sibling, but one.

 Where was Infinity? I showed no shame in my choice of sacrificing Infinity for my beloved creature. When I ripped Infinity away from her cosmic cage, I did not grieve. Infinity was a necessary sacrifice to bestow the silver woman. If I had to regret any choices I've made, it would be my inability to hide my new found emotions. Eternity the sibling above us all had found out fairly quickly that while they slept I had given birth to flaws. I allowed myself to deluge into human territories. I had given myself a heart in which I never needed and allowed myself to feel even though it wasn't in my nature. I had learned desire, murder, sacrifice, lust, and happiness; all in which were flaws. I was deemed a traitor, a murderer. 

It wasn't long before they stripped me of my title, my rights, my gifts. I was locked within the very cage Infinity slept in and was forced to watch my silver woman die to the clutches of oblivion and death. Gruesome I learned that day. How they ripped away the very stars of Infinity, piecing her back together to return her to our cosmic prison. I watched as death ripped away her flesh, oblivion incinerating her heart. They showed no mercy but gave me plenty. I was dropped to a measly messenger. A being that would appear when needed to guide unfortunate souls to a more righteous path. I mended countries and brought calamity when told. I took life and gave life when commanded and when it was all done, I was locked away yet again within the cages of my despair. Did I mourn for my lost beloved? Everyday I wept stars for her passing and with every tear bread hate and vengeance. 

As my siblings thrived so did I. Quietly, obediently I did as commanded and as I did I learned secrecy; to close my mind from theirs. No longer were we one. I had separated myself from the others. From Death, Oblivion, Eternity and Infinity. My emotions became my own and with them I made use of the silver heart that rested at my core. Beyond my many gifts there was only one that I took pride in, that I cherished beyond all others. With the silver heart that nested within my cosmic body, I recreated the silver woman. Pure of everything negative, I blessed her with innocence, happiness, desire, kindness, wants. I gave her the smile of a thousand stars and pools of enchanting silver that much like before, would bewitch all that dared to give her a second glance. I poured love into her, into my beautiful creature. I gave her obsidian locks that flowed like the milky way; her hair never ending, never reaching. She had a voluptuous form,with a body that glowed like a golden river. She was as I was. Perfect. 


Was the last thing I heard before my body was ripped from its cage, my creation following with as we was placed in the center of the four. I knew that this meeting would only go two ways. Either I would hand over my creation for them to tear her apart or I would stand firm and express my claims as to why I created her. When my siblings were about to speak a fire within me, a sun even had found itself igniting my desire for her to live. Anger rose beyond my control and as I attempted to center my mind, desire wouldn't let me. My want had manifested into an entity of it's own. It forced my hand into annihilating my siblings and in the sense of annihilating, it forced me to break them down into a collective conscious to form the 'brain' of my creation. One brain four consciousness all meddled into a rigid cube that was bound and caged by strands of my manifestation that called itself 'Drea'. 

Last but not least to finish my creation, I embedded each strand of my siblings into her. Eternity for eternal life. If her body should deteriorate, if one should break it, melt it, freeze it, demolish it; she would return as if she had never left. Infinity for infinite beauty. She will not age, she will not tire, nor weaken. Her body will always remain in perfect shape and should she be scratched or scarred, it will only stay for one day before it fades away. Oblivion for protection. Beautiful as she may be even flowers bear thorns. Then there is Death, the ending of all creation. If her heart should tear, if she feels pain then Death will take the stage. Genocide she will offer to all those that dare erupt her path.

Do you see it? My beloved. Our daughter. She has your looks and my essence. With her we shall determine the value of all life. My beloved you were wrongly accused and as such ripped away from my very hands; my very eyes. When they say humans are inferior with many flaws are we cosmic beings not the same? Through our daughter we shall relive what we were unable. I will strip from you all knowledge. To truly learn you must experience as if that world was your own. As the last overseer I am unable to complete my mission as it takes more than just one to watch the universe. I give to you my entirety and with the last bit of my power, I cast you down to the world's below.  

© 2017 Broken Desires

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I had given myself a heart in which I never needed and allowed myself to feel even though it wasn't in my nature...
My beloved...Our daughter.
Very powerful writing

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Broken Desires

10 Months Ago

-Hugs- Thank you ;-; !

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