Mending Hearts

Mending Hearts

A Poem by Mika =^-^=

I can recall when I was younger
all the pain I put you through,
my rebellious days were so intense
so much so I could not contain myself.

I remember all the fights we had
the harsh words we exchange,
the words flowed out, without meaning them
they still cut too deep within our hearts.

I, I could not control myself,
and everything I did and said
hurt you more than it hurt me,
all the useless fights
caused by my selfish, rebellious ways
now, after all these years
I, I wish I could take them back.

I was young and naive
I didn't understand what was going on
you were always there trying to help me 
but I refused it all and throw it back in your face.

I resisted your helping hand,
yet whenever you gave me a hug
I felt the unconditional love,
despite all the things I put you through 
you always were there
even though I'm hard to love.

I, I was wrong to put you through all that pain
now that I'm older, at 24 I understand better
deep within me, something always told me 
you will always forgive me,
despite the circumstances,
and I, I wish I could take back all the wrong I've done.

Now, here we stand with a broken bond
I promise you, I will try my best to mend it,
because in end, I will never have two people
to understand me and love me unconditionally
and with these words all I want to say is I'm sorry.

Facing forward, we'll run to the distance
mending all the pain, healing the bond we have,
together we can make it,
and all the pain will be forgotten. 

© 2017 Mika =^-^=

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Added on September 9, 2017
Last Updated on September 9, 2017


Mika =^-^=
Mika =^-^=

San Diego , CA

I just write to express myself, because is hard for me to express verbally but in writing, I can let every ounce of emotion out. more..