Walk Away

Walk Away

A Poem by Destati

Being in love makes leaving that much harder, even if it's the right choice.

Love is a very confusing thing.
Pain is a very unavoidable factor.
But what if you could take the pain away?
However, in order to do so, you had to lose the one you love most.
Could you do it?
She couldn't.
Why is she with me?
All the pain I've given her, yet she continues to forgive me.
Why did she choose me?
She's perfect; an angel on Earth.
Yet she chose me.
I asked her,
"Why are you here?"
She answered,
"Because I love you."
So I asked,
"But you're in the heart of Darkness."
So she answered,
"You have a soul, even though you're Heartless."
I do not deserve this girl.
She finds beauty in the ugly.
She turns torment and sorrow into joy and praise.
She deserves better.
Why is she so blind?!
Doesn't she know that I'm ruining her life?!
I talk to her again.
"Save yourself from the Heartache."
She simply says,
"I love you too much."
I argue.
"I don't deserve you!"
She smiled.
"I won't leave you."
I look down.
"Maybe I should just-"
She holds me.
"Don't say those words."
I am silent.
"Walk Away."
I look at her. She pulls away.
"I don't like those words."
She kisses me.
And still, she stays.

© 2011 Destati

Author's Note

The Script is such an inspiration. 'Walk Away' is my current favorite song by them, so I had to write something about it. c:

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Added on September 30, 2011
Last Updated on September 30, 2011
Tags: compassion, love, heartache, sadness, pain, The Script



Denver, CO

I enjoy writing as a big hobby. I am currently 19 years of age. I tend to write lyrics, poetry, and short stories. Every once in a while, if motivation kicks in, I will write novels. Please be patient.. more..

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