Meaningful Life

Meaningful Life

A Story by Darkyshadow

Life is indeed not a bed of roses but often it is a nest of brambles. No one goes through it unhurt or unscathed. Burdens that we encounter are natures of life. With all these loads that we carry in our little hands, whatever they may be, they teach us how to be strong, resilient and how to grasp tightly to the faith we have inside our hearts.

I truly believe that in this world we live in everything that God does that happens for a certain reason. I know that moments of failures and fateful experiences occur to push us beyond our endurance and to test the limits of our human nature. But, let us remember that we are only HUMANS. We are easily got down by different trials that we face on. Sometimes, there came a point of giving up just because we failed and we are too hurt. Somehow, through all these challenges that we face along the roads of realization, we now see life in a different perspective.

It is true that life is full of hardships and pains but let us inculcate in our minds that during this times it would help to keep on smiling and going forward. Sigh and bear it? No, smile and move on. Failures will come like earthquakes to shake the sense of our reality, but this is a part of our struggle to achieve our goals. We might be harassed on the way, but it cannot coerce. We might be hurt but it is in learning how to take advantage of that pain which comes naturally with the increase of love, understanding and wisdom.

Though life would not be simple as it seems, it would be so wonderful if through all the burdens that we overcome, we'll face them with courage and smile in our hearts. Mostly, we would have a deeper faith to GOD, who gratefully gives us this precious opportunity to live then we could enjoy life to the fullest!

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Simply beautiful. We cannot really expect life to be perfect and kind to us all of the time, but it doesn't mean we have to let it get us down. It's okay to take a break sometimes, breathe until we are ready to step forward again after a pause, but giving up for good is not really a choice.

Thank you for sharing this, and keep writing! :)

Posted 9 Months Ago

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