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Don't promise if you can't keep it real.

My heart starts to beat fast when I see drops of blood scattered on the floor leading its way to the bathroom. I brace myself before I open the bathroom door. There is nothing- nothing but my son's clothes.
I quickly search for him all over the house but there's no sign of him. Butterflies flutter inside my stomach as my mind captures the idea of him being kidnapped.
I think he was hit in the head while he was taking his bath and the kidnapper brought him unconscious. I am paranoid.
I search for something that can give me a clue to where I can find Jon. Finally, I find a letter in my room. It reads:

If you will wait, you'll eventually see him. But I know that's something you're not good at. If you want to know who I am and where your son is, go to Hero Park.

To wait? No way. That's one of the things I never mastered and would never want to master. I hurriedly go to the garage and get on my car.
Hero Park has changed a lot since the last time I was here. Old becomes older. Polluted becomes dead. Worse becomes worst. I go to my favorite spot in the park knowing that the kidnapper knew me that well, so if ever that person would leave a clue, it would be in that place.
Distorted memories start to flash on my head when I got there. Two hands are shaking, as if they are introducing themselves to each other.
Then I remember, I met someone here, someone who left a huge impact in my life. But why do I forget him or her? Is he or she the person my psychologist was talking about? The reason why I got this f*****g selective amnesia?
I wander the place and find another letter pinned on a tree that read:

This is the place where we met. I know you don't remember much, but take your time. Wait 'til your memories return, for the meantime, go to San Antonio Church.

This stupid person wants me to wait again. But this time, there's a thing more important than thinking of who is he, and that's to find out where in the world is my son now.
I drive my way to the church. This is where one of my important moments in my life happened - my wedding. Hannah - my wife- died last year. I don't know how and why she passed away but I know her death is the reason of my amnesia. I don't remember what exactly happened.
He is not pointing out my wedding, I guess. Distorted memories start flashing again. I am jumping with happiness. I don't know why. It's the person whom I met at Hero Park. I search for a clue again. Again I find a letter. It reads:

This is the place where I said yes to you. Where I decided to take a chance to commit in a relationship that I thought would work. Can't you still remember me? If not, go to the ship port for you to remember who I am.

So she's a sick woman. And I had an ex-girlfriend before Hannah, why can't I remember her? And why did she kidnapped my son? What have I done against her?
I quickly drive to the port. My feet bring me to some place. Some place that my mind dictates me to go. The usual distorted memories start flashing again. That's woman's face still blurred.
"Promise you'll wait for me. When I come back, we will get married and live the life we have always wanted," she said.
"I promise, I will."
Did I really say that? That's impossible. And still, the memory doesn't answer any of my questions, it just adds confusion.
I search for a letter again and I find one that reads:

You said you would wait, but you never. Go to your old office and find out where your son is and who I really am.

Finally, this game will stop soon. My son and I will finally go home. I then proceed to my old office to solve this damn mystery. I wait for distorted memories to come and they do but this time, only they are not distorted anymore.

"Honey. Help me!" Hannah shouted.
Liezel was pointing a knife to Hannah.
"Stop Liezel! Don't kill her. I am the one who had hurt you. I shall be the one whom you've got to kill. Please! Leave her alone." I pleaded.
"You said you would wait for me to come back and we will get married when I returned. But you didn't! You cheated on me!" Her voice growled as tears we're starting to crawl rapidly on her face.
"That's why you never called, because you found another one. When I came back, I heard you are married with this girl. Killing you now would make it easy. I want you to suffer for the rest of your life!" She was bursting in anger that time.
She stabbed Hannah like it's never ending. I was shocked and glued to do anything. That's why I had a selective amnesia. I chose to forget Liezel. That mad woman who killed my wife.
"Liezel, show yourself! And show my son!" I cry out in full strength.
As I shout, I find another letter, wishing that this should be the last. I think this is finally over. But I have no choice but to read the letter.

Now you remember me. Yes, I am the one whom you met at Hero Park. I am the one who decided to take a chance on you in front of San Antonio church. I am the one whom you promised to wait for. I am the one whom you have cheated on. I am Liezel, the one who killed your wife and whom you have forgotten.
Don't worry, your son is fine. If you are thinking that I hit him at the bathroom, you're wrong, it's the other way around. I hit him at the door and washed him at the bathroom. I didn't bring him. He's at the vault hugging an oxygen tank that keeps his breath. I estimated the time of your arrival and set the vault two hours before it opens. If you have waited, you must be your son this time, but I know you don't know how to do that. And I don't want seeing you happy with your son. I'm sorry but I think this is still a favor for you.
By then, I feel a knife stabbed at my back. I faint.

© 2017 Darkyshadow

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Added on September 24, 2017
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