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Friends and family are most important. During your most difficult moments and exciting triumphs, they stand beside you. Keep them with you always.

In the midst of the torrid heat, a cool, invigorating drop of water suddenly revives my drought as I stare right into the clouds quickly revealing the sun in its fullest. And in just a count of one...two...three...a blinding beam easily steals my consciousness and brings me at the peak of its reality.

"Waiting for wealth to come is like during summer, waiting for rain to pour every farm."

"Boyet!" Somebody blaring yells.
"Boyet!" He repeats and continuously repeating until something painful awakens my lethargic body. It's Angelo, my best friend who slaps me that badly.
"Have you taken drugs? Tell me the truth," he kiddingly asks.
"Joke!" He continues.
"No, I'm okay." I playfully reply.

We're now in college. Both enrolled on the program they called 'for Math-Geeks only' - engineering. Until now, I don't know why I intend to take this. It's maybe because I don't have any choice, maybe because it's my best friend's choice or maybe because I want to be rich as everyone's dreaming someday. Someday that is yet to come.

Angelo and I share many things in common, but in pursuance, there comes our great depth. I can say that he's the decided and I'm the confused one. Maybe because he has enough to continue. A much better family, a supportive mother, a father of encouragement and a solid brotherhood among his siblings. A family that is taken away from me, a family I'm longing to have for the past seventeen years of my life.

I am now twenty two and I still have my childhood confusion, "Why am I having no father by my side?" I always end up drowsy, stealing my awareness, bringing it to the dream that will never take place in reality.

This day is kinda different.
I always come home bringing with me a consistent smile but this time, I'm feeling so exhausted. Final examinations had fleetly passed by and results are predictable.

"Mom?" Call her with a voice of frustration.
"Is it okay for you if I will shift to another course?" Teary eyed asking.

She just stays placid for about ten to fifteen seconds.
Then without any sign of response, she starts to burst her anger in an unfamiliar huge voice.

"Shift? You want to shift? Go! Do what you want. But don't you dare ask for my...our support this time. I'm giving such time and effort just to sustain your school needs, and what? You'll just toss all the opportunities given to you." She's now growling, wrathful like I've never seen before.

My heart beats fast. I don't know how I can escape the situation.

Just then my tongue reflexively talks and fearlessly pleads.

"Support? When was that huh? When did you give us any of that support you're talking about? Financially! Okay. But it's not what we're craving of. Your love, your Mom, being our mother, we need you. We need someone to lean on, someone to give us advice, someone who will never leave us. For once Mom, be our mother. For once, please."

"Is it Dad? Is it Dad why you're acting that sarcastic?"

"Mom, move on. Seventeen years Mom, it's been seventeen years since he left us. It's not you who really lost him, it's him who truly lost you. Why am I feeling this way huh? I'm feelin' like I'm abandoned. I eat dinner alone. I even sleep without any friendly talks about how my day went on. I wake up without any of your signals and worst, I leave and go back home seeing you out of yourself, sitting on that rocking chair, eyes focused on the wild nullity. Where would I get the drive to pursue, the force to continue?"

Breathe out deeply, we're both left secluded.

Just then I see her out of herself again, with tears persistently flowing upon her face. I can't resist hugging her, to comfort and to say, "I'm sorry."

She then silently replies, "Sorry son."

"Boyet!" A familiar voice once again uttered.
"Boyet!" He repeated.
"Why? Why?" Asking with agitation upon my face.
We'll be late, exam's ready. Are you dreaming again?" Embarrassingly asking.
It's late when I realized that I'm still glued in the past, waiting for my parents to capture me.
For now, I'll just let time to heal all our wounds. I will attempt to walk, to move forward than to wait for something that is sooner to arrive.
"Come on? We'll be late!"

© 2017 Darkyshadow

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Nice one. Boyet almost made me cry when he felt strongly for his mother.

Family is all and an relationship with them is a driving force to do anything. thank you for the nice write, dear.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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