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Contingency of genesis

Contingency of genesis

A Story by Dipanjan Dutta

Times when faces once blurred, clears out

The rays of the sunset fell directly on the eyes, humbled but blinding me for a few seconds. I was wandering down the alley in rhythmic and jovial steps missing the details. The details as in the stripes on my uniform. The details of the cars passing by or even the details of a few dots that were supposed to be joined. As a matter of fact I could afford to miss the details though not all. And so I was looking at the figures noticing them carefully. As I missed on of them too I realised I was blurred on them as well.

An apparent build in a pair of denim, casual and careless long hair, the watch on the right wrist was clear to me. the structure was familiar and the movements known. I was accustomed to its toning too. Yet I missed the cryastality of the face. Some sort of smoke and dust covered the face. He was standing at a few long steps ahead of me and by a glass door.

I rerouted my walk, now in cautious and measured steps. I was picking up particulars unintentionally. Particulars as the sand on a pitched road or the smiles clearly faked on the people, even those of the wintry breeze that intensified without a warning. However I missed the details of the second figure beside another glass door. The neatly done hair and wrinkles of age on the body parts exposed were all I could manage to see. My movements turned lackadaisical, out of rhythm but tuned in a routine. the distance with the first figure was closing but all of a sudden there was only one figure again. This time the second one.

Dark, almost with the last ray of the sun I turned towards the glass door. Every missing details was falling in place slowly and consistently. A figure in a white shirt, a pair of shorts, a school bag and cheerful steps stood distant apart from an old man content and stubborn. And a man with casual long hair and in a pair of denim standing between them in my shoes, related the contingency of genesis.

© 2014 Dipanjan Dutta

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Dipanjan Dutta
Whatever you feel

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Wonderful imagery and intricate details. I'm glad you wrote this!

Posted 3 Years Ago

I feel all of them were the same person at different stages of life. A very beautiful painting of words my friend.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Dipanjan Dutta

3 Years Ago

Yeah...the same person...thanks for the review

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Added on December 27, 2014
Last Updated on December 29, 2014


Dipanjan Dutta
Dipanjan Dutta

Bangalore, India

I love to be in this forum. There are so many to read. so many to learn from and somany to cherish Hometown: Calcutta, West Bengal, India Current Location: Sydney, Australia more..

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