A Story by Dipanjan Dutta

The gathering a fortnight ago was on purpose. For the sake of the ominous future. The weariness was visible in their expressions. Lines on the forehead, scattered breath out of rhythm and chapped lips that spoke less and smoked more were all inevitable. The calmness of one of them was disturbing. 

My presence there, among the others wasn't pleasing. After all I was one of the converted, definitely not by will yet so. I was prepared for the conditional reproach. I agreed with my conscience not to speak but to listen what they say and accept the demeanour albeit against me. I shivered a bit within for I shouldn't show them that I was rather blue with cold. The darkness was stinking with curses though not for me but for him. His calmness was expected though it disturbed them.

And then he rose on his feet letting his long white hair flow and his voice reverberated through the chilled atmosphere.

"I, who convert you at my will shall not be questioned" - he said. 

The murmurs were distinguished but not clear. The groans were scary and their anguish for the probable obvious future was gruesome.

"You will walk away now, converted and living" - he said to me - "for the deads are gone."

© 2015 Dipanjan Dutta

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Dipanjan Dutta
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Conversion is a fishy business. This has the makings of an ominous tale.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is how most of conversion have happened. They were no change of heart or inner calls but just a means to survival. And it makes sense to business if everyone pays to the same temple or mosque....

Posted 3 Years Ago

Awesome story my friend... I enjoyed it very much :

Posted 3 Years Ago

Dipanjan Dutta

3 Years Ago

Thank you mate
Gave me chills, converting through will is one thing but another if not with will...I find your writing interesting :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

Dipanjan Dutta

3 Years Ago

I am glad you liked it...your reviews are always helpful and welcome. I sometimes think that the ext.. read more
Vicki Ruth

3 Years Ago

Ah, my pleasure hon x

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Dipanjan Dutta
Dipanjan Dutta

Bangalore, India

I love to be in this forum. There are so many to read. so many to learn from and somany to cherish Hometown: Calcutta, West Bengal, India Current Location: Sydney, Australia more..

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A Story by Dipanjan Dutta

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A Story by Dipanjan Dutta

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A Story by Dipanjan Dutta

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