Simple Happens

Simple Happens

A Chapter by sorry my friends....

A simple love that happened between me and Julian.

It was a simple walk,
My feet in shelled sand,
My wet hair plastered to my face,
I'm not very pretty,
That I know.
He seemed amazing,
Kissing me softly,
Sweetly on the sand,
Holding my body,
Tightly and gently,
Caressing what curves I have.

This is a simple romance,
That's all I've ever wanted,
All I've ever longed for.
And all I get from him,
Is this,
This simplicity,
This bliss.
I walk away, 
Need to wash off the sand,
I dive into water and get up, 
Walking toward him on the beach,
His gaze on me,
My hips swaying naturally,
The setting sun on me,
I wonder what he's thinking,
He seems to be transfixed,
Lost in gaze,
He smiles at me,
That wonderful smile that brightens my day.
I draw near,
And he holds me agian,
Smiling the whole way,
This is a simple romance,
One that I love,
One that I can't live without,
One that I wouldn't live without.
I just want to know what he's thinking,
As We lay on the beach kissing away,
And get up to walk hand in hand,
His smile broadeining with every step we take together.
Going into the deep water where he hold me,
Above the waves,
Kissing me sweetly till a wave crashes us apart,
Only till we get a breath and get back together again.
This is a simple romance,
One that I will remember forever,
One that I want to have forever,
One that I hope will last forever.

© 2010 sorry my friends....

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"broadEning" is the only thing I noticed. Beyond that, this piece is simple in its articulate and well thought-up delivery, and very endearing for the reader. Its eloquent and soft-spoken, but completely meaningful. Very good. Oh, one more, fifth line from the bottom, "again". But a very good read indeed.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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such magic. such beauty. so wonderful. every second expierenced. every moment that passed with you. amazing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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... ah ... that's very beautiful ... and amazingly magical too ... :) ...

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 21, 2010
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