They know not what they do

They know not what they do

A Story by Dave "Doc" Rogers

A look at people's understanding.


Jesus had come to be one of us, perfect in relationship with God, the Father. Jesus lived his life as example that Man could walk with God in perfect unity. Then, he traded that life to fulfill covenant promises made so that we can have that same life of unity with God, the Father. Because of what Jesus did, we can be one with the Father; if we accept it and walk in it. Many, too many, are passionate in their belief that what they are doing is right; even when it is wrong. Jesus prayed, while on the cross being mocked and ridiculed, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."[1]

Too many think they do right without really thinking it through. Do they get caught up in the emotion of the moment? Do they get caught up in vengeance, meanness, power over others, mockery to make themselves feel better? What is the driver that would make someone who is normally caring and intelligent become hateful, vindictive, or even murderous? This is what Jesus saw in those around him; and in those in front of him in the future. They had/have no knowledge or understanding what it is they are really doing. They seem to be caught up in the moment or acting out of hurts within themselves.

To get a better understanding of why Jesus prayed to the Father to forgive them, that they did not know what they were doing, we need to look at who Jesus was and briefly why Jesus was.

In the beginning, God (Elohim in Hebrew, mean all powers) created the heavens and the earth, then He filled the earth, made a garden in the midst of a land that He called pleasurable (Eden in Hebrew), and put Man in the midst of the garden. God made the earth, made an area that pleased Him, then made a garden within that, and placed Man in that garden telling Man to take care of it. Who was/is Man? Man is the children of God (Elohim). Man was made to be like God. Man was made to be with God. Man was to learn how to be like and with God. God gave His son, who He called Adam, tasks: tend the garden, have dominion over all of it, make rules, prosper it, make it fruitful, fill all the earth. The first Man, Adam, began doing that until Adam decided to separate himself from God, to do things his way.

Adam did not know what he was doing. In Adam's thinking, his wife did not die when she ate the fruit, as God said they would. It seemed plausible that the fruit was also good for food and eating it would make them wise like God. Adam went against what God told him and ate. In that moment, Adam knew the knowledge of good and evil. In that moment, Adam separated himself with God - who is life - and died.

Many look at the human body and say that is all there is: life in the body. But God (our Father) did not create us just a body. God formed the Man Adam out of the materials of the earth, then breathed into Man and Man became a living being. [2] Man was to be the offspring, the descendants, of God (Elohim). Man became separate from the God who is life - life for the body and life for the spirit, the eternal life. God loved us so much He decided on another way for us to be united with Him permanently. He would do it.

From the time of Adam and Eve in the garden until now, God has told Man His plan to unify God the Father with His children. God would send someone who would destroy the works of the devil (gossiper, accuser, deceiver; refers mostly to Lucifer, the fallen angel) and unify God and Man for eternity. The Judeo-Christian Bible referred to this someone as Messiah, the Anointed One, and the Bible was progressively specific in just what he would do and in whom he was. All of these "prophesies" culminated in the person Jesus.

The name "Jesus" is the contemporary European spelling for the Latin "Iesus", the Greek "Iesous", and the Hebrew "Yshua". The name "Yshua" is the shortened name "Yhoshua" which means "God saves".

Jesus, the son of God, the son of Mary, was the Messiah - the anointed one of God. Jesus was/is the anointed salvation of God. Jesus was to bring God and Man back together. And, he did that. Or rather, Jesus created the opportunity for God and Man to be reunited in spirit. Since it was a willful decision to become separate from God, it takes a willful decision to rejoin with God - and that only through what Jesus provided.

The part that Jesus prayed forgiveness for the people was in their acts of spite and meanness to God's anointed salvation. They had no knowledge that their very salvation, their very avenue to life, was the one hung on a tree for them, was the one who they mocked and cursed. Jesus looked on them in mercy and asked the Father to forgive them. Jesus, even in the moment of intense spiritual, mental, and physical agony, loved the children of God so fully that he asked God to forgive them.

They did not know then, much like we do not know now, what it is that we do to one another, nor what it is we do to the God of the Bible.

God so loved His children that He gave them Jesus. And, all they have to do is believe that Jesus and what Jesus did were enough to repair the breach between God and Man. Because of what Jesus did, Man can now walk with the God of Forever in life, in fullness of life and restoration. The parable of the prodigal son that Jesus taught shows God's heart toward us. He stands ready, looking every day for His children's return. And when He sees them, even while they are a long way off, He runs to us, hugs us to Himself, kisses us, cloths us, makes us fully family with Him. He does this even when it is our intention to return to Him to be just a slave in His house, a servant only, not an heir.

God's intention is that if you return to Him He will bless you exceedingly, make you fully an heir and family member in His house. And whatever wounds, hurts, or injuries you had, He will heal and remove them all. Because, you are His child.

Think on these things when you deal with someone and they treat you ill. They are ignorant of what they are doing and to whom they are doing it. They need forgiveness and a new life in Christ Jesus.

Pray of the Father (God, Elohim) forgiveness for yourself and those who misuse you. Receive all that Jesus did for you and has for you. Ask to walk with the Father, again, through Jesus Christ, and walk with the Father and receive all of His benefits.

[1] Luke 23.34; [2] Genesis 2.7

© 2016 Dave "Doc" Rogers

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